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Ardcore with Mozzi
Author Ardcore with Mozzi
Has anyone done anything with the Mozzi library for Arduino? There's some talk about it wrt to the new Euro-duino, and I think Ascetic Underground did a sketch, but i haven't seen anything else.

I finally got around to loading some Mozzi examples in the ardcore/expander tonight.
Thought the waveshaper, fm synth, control osc wash and sample loop points were pretty amazing. All coming out of 1 pin via PWM.
Are these just normal sketches you can share? I haves heard about these?
The Mozzi library is here

The home page has a link to some audio examples.

You download and unzip it, then tell the arduino app where to find it (Sketch|Import Library)-- only need to do that once.

The library comes with all sorts of sketches you can pretty much load-- that's the examples I'm talking about above. The library is set to send it's audio out pin 9; which is fine if you have the expander -- it's just pin 4 on the expander.

Without the expander I'm not sure what to do; it looks like there's some reason for pin 9 involving the timers, but I haven't delved that deep yet.

So far I've set up reading the ardcore inputs to alter frequency of a sine oscillator and a vibrato depth. Easy enough, but it's a different framework; lots of standard functions are replaced so that mozzi can work quickly enough.
A few of is put a bunch of time into getting mozzi
To work with ardcore

Basically we did one of two things

Either 1.

You just use mozzi like you normally would but then
Route audio to the FAST DAC function (commenting out
The normal mozzi output on the mozzi library

Or you go into the config and send the audio to a different pin

If I dig through my old notes I can probrably find the results

You just have to make sure to set up the mozzi library in your Arduino library folder

keep in mind that WHERE you place the fast DAC function in the sketch makes a difference

But my about adding endless experimentation!!

Oh I just remembered...even without the expander one of the gage / trig outs
Is a PWM out !!!! It's not filtered though so just plug it into any low pass filter in your system.... That pin can be found in the ardcore manual...then just set mozzi to use THAT pin.,, but ideally the fast DAC is your best way to go

ON THE MOZZI FORUM/ yahoo group there was a post about EXACTLY how to reconfigure mozzi to work with an SPI DAC..the instructions ARE VERY SIMILAR TO HOW YOU WOULD IMPLEMENT THE FAST DAC FUNCTION, except in our case , you DONT HAVE TO ALSO PASTE IN SPI CODE!

make sense?

Install library

Turn off mozzi output in mozzi library files
Turn on fast DAC
Then either route audio to the fast DAC globally. ( in the config file ) or on a sketch by sketch basis. ( in the program. )

and our DAC sounds quite good!!
Thanks for that. Will check it out.
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