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Ardcore with expander as sequential switch?
Author Ardcore with expander as sequential switch?
Hi guys, iam a ardcore newbie and been going through the forum and just started reading on arduino related info.

Iam wondering if its possible for the ardcore+expander to function as switch module in the vein of doepfer 151 or sbg bow tie kinda with the right sketch?
Well the difficulty is that theres 2 analog ins, but only 1 analog out -- the DAC

You may be able to use AnalogWrite on pins 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, and 11 which uses PWM to simulate a voltage-- the below discussion claims this will work ok as lfo if you slew it. 5131e506338efb994ef1fc

If you just want to switch a gate or trigger signal it should be easy; use a2 for the signal in with an adjustable threshold, use the clock for the switching signal, and set the relevant pin on the expander to reflect a2. When the clock gets a signal, zero the current pin and set the next pin to reflect A2.

You could even use a3 for another gate/trigger and have it switch as well.

Instead of a sequential switch, you could make it random. Could be fun.

The only thing with this is that the levels are relatively low, there's some modules that like more like 8v triggers/gates.

If you're interested in such a thing but don't know how to get started, I can program it for you.
Really appreciate the help, thanks, eclectics!

I have a clearer view on the limitations now and whats possible. In regards to the random switching idea, Is it similar in concept to 20Objects's automatic switching sketch but having the expander added in for variation/more switching options?
I looked at 20 Objects AC15_AutoSwitch -- yes, very similar.

That sketch switches between A2/A3 on clock input or regular from 20ms - 4s or so depending on setting of A0 (cw is faster). You can turn A2 to 0 to just use clock signals to switch.

A2/A3 read 10 bits, but the dac only puts out 8 bits of resolution, so its a quantised switch. If you wanted to drive v/oct inputs, you could incorporate the info from the quantiser sketch to have a quantised switch with selectable scales.

For random switching, feed in a random clock, or alter the switch to be random. Probably you'ld want to be able to select the %age of time it switches, and how often it checks.

Because the expander just shows the bits from the DAC, you can't use it for CV (without going into PWM, which I don't know much about yet). Each output on the expander is just low or high; which is ok for gates/triggers, so you can then have up to 8 output destinations for your 2 inputs. (Not including the other in/outs on the expander).
Actually the expander does add two more individually addressable out jacks
so you then have a total of 4 sep outs but not all are PWM lines
But I think in general the ardcore is not the best tool
For switching signals

Heck even early chips MADE for switching have their
Issues properly ( doing it well) switching bipolar signals of such
High voltage (4016..etc)
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