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DIY-1200 sync cable KIT
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Author DIY-1200 sync cable KIT
This project is on hold, because I got a full time job and don't have time to hand make midi adapters any more, however there is a seller on ebay who is making these in china and they are half the price I was charging... el-Metropolis-ALM-Pamelas-Workout/253026523377

below is the original post:
---------------------------------------------------------------------- -----

#Hey guys!

#I needed one of those DJ-1200 cables and found the parts, I bought extras #so if anybody wants to buy "kits" (you provide wire) I will sell them #for super cheap! 6$ + shipping or 7$ if you want me to supply the #wire. These work with expert sleepers modules and ALM pamela's workout.

#It comes with one female midi style DIN connector and two 3.5mm #male plugs

#I am now using expensive Canare GS-4 wire for all cables and kits!

#I will make cables in small batches, it takes about 45 mins to make one #cable, the cost of a completed cable is 25$ because it is very #difficult, thanks for understanding! I had to raise prices because of material #costs... again, thanks for your kind consideration!!

#shipping is thru USPS 6.80$ for USA and 9.50$ for most of Canada and #13.50$ for most of Europe, shipped in bubblewrap and in a box to #protect the contents...

Here's a completed cable


two more kits shipping out!! Guinness ftw!

Just got mine. Super fast shipping, Easy to assemble, works!

Highly recommended!
b3nsf actually built the cable for me and shipped me the finished product. Works great and looks very professional. I'm using it to sync a PW to a Koma RH-301.
I bought a couple kits from b3nsf and he shipped them really quick and even included wire.

Here's one in action, I tested it out with Sync Unit DC earlier:

deleted by poster
I'd love to get one of these kits if possible
Just to say I ordered a completed cable and it arrived extremely quickly and is very well made. Great service, very happy! (I had waited months for expert sleepers to make another run). Cheers b3nsf and merry christmas everyone!
Question was answered.
If you cant get in touch via PM, then email me at

[my user name] at hotmail dot com
Got a nice completed cable that shipped out the very next morning.

Cheers b3nsf!
made some more over the weekend....

I ordered two (one built and one kit) and they arrived super quick! Got my A4 synced up to Pam's and its working great. Thanks, b3nsf!
Just made some more cables... cool

Thanks for the comments!
Hi b3nsf,
Does each 1/8" plug output a clock signal? This would be fantastic! Can I order one from you?
Hello Rich!

Red = Run signal
Yellow = clock signal

both are required for DinSync, and this works with pamella's workout SlayerBadger!
made some more this past weekend!! Guinness ftw!

Wow, what a labor of love...PM'd!!
Does anybody know the pinout of the DJ-1000 midi cable? I have all the parts and wanna try out this sample accurate midi thing smile
Hi! I am looking to buy my friend this as a gift because he's had a hell of a time finding a replacement for his broken dj-1200. It's for Pamela's Workout. Please let me know if you can sell me the cable or just the connectors/parts! Thank you!!!
I have some pre-bulit cables available, PM me or email to
b3nsf is totally legit! Fast, friendly, and fantastic! Cable works great, is reasonably priced, and looks cool!

SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!
I edited the first post to reflect what I have been doing all along regarding completed cables, and their prices, which have not changed since day one of this fool-hearty hihi endeavor.... please keep in mind when you contact me for a cable, I make each one by hand in my kitchen and it's not fun making them at all, it is time consuming and frustrating dealing with flakey people who don't write back to polite pm's very frustrating

And to the people who have been nice to me, I really really appreciate you fine human beings, I wish the world was filled with people like you!!! SlayerBadger!
Sunshine Jones
LOVE. Need these. Thank you!
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