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Sloth Chaos PCBs & Panels available
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Author Sloth Chaos PCBs & Panels available
edit - updated BOM with Tayda part numbers
HERE 155kb pdf

from my blog -

This is a very simple to build chaos module that can be built in 3 ways: slow or VERY slow or VERY FKN slow. Slow means 1 'cycle' every 15 seconds, VERY slow is 1 'cycle' every 15 minutes. VERY FKN slow means every 1.5-2 hours.' By 'cycle' I mean it completes a figure 8 path around two wells, but sometimes the path will hang around one well for several minutes/hours/days/....weeks.
You cannot switch between the versions as about 2/3 of the components are different.
The module has 1 pot, 2 output sockets and an LED, all mount on the PCB. No weird parts. It takes about 10-15 minutes to solder one up w00t

For the super Sloth version, it can take up to an hour for any change to be apparent when tweaking the pot. This module is ideal for ambience and extremely patient synth users. I developed it as I like to have my synths running whilst soldering away in the workshop and I like slow never-repeating changes to the patches.

In any version the effect of the pots is not radical, perhaps a 25% change in frequency (maybe 1 cycle every 12 seconds/minutes up to every 16 seconds/minutes). The pots do cause some changes in the patterns, like all chaos circuits, there are windows of periodicity but it may take several hours before anybody notices. There is no input, this module does what it wants, when it wants.

The PCB is 16 x 95 mm, suitable for 6HP eurorack panels (panels will be available soon)
PCBs are available now for $8 each.
Shipping is $5 per order
PM if keen

Panels available @ $20 per panel.

edited to include Stasis Sloth in the description
Slow and low, that is the tempo...

this is gonna eat up days of scope gazing 8_)
w00t Nice one, cant wait to get these, they will compliment my Snazzy Dreamboat which is great for fast Chaos, but not so for slower flavours. It's peanut butter jelly time!

Great Value as well thumbs up
HAH! That small ass board with those big ass caps, nice!
I like to do the same thing when building. My key board leaks a little voltage so I can start at the highest note and it oh-so-slowly drifts down.
I'm in! Just the one please.
what the distance between pads on the big caps? think i could use SMD?
CJ Miller
I love how there is no output jack - it must modulate the power rails to the other modules directly! hihi

Neat project. I wonder what caps I would need.
CJ Miller wrote:
Neat project. I wonder what caps I would need.

Did you look in the BOM? 1uF non-electro (sloth) or 10uF BP (super-sloth)
love it!!! SlayerBadger!
will take at at least one, probably 2 once panels are available.
CJ Miller wrote:
I love how there is no output jack - it must modulate the power rails to the other modules directly! hihi

Neat project. I wonder what caps I would need.

I guess it does look like a power supply d'oh!

there are connections for two kobiconn type jacks to be soldered directly to the PCB.
For the main circuits:
super sloth needs two 1000uF caps plus three 10uF bipolars
sloth needs two 100uF caps plus three 1uF (just regular, no need for electro)

there are also 10uF decoupling caps.
fluxmonkey wrote:
what the distance between pads on the big caps? think i could use SMD?

5mm and 2.5mm (there are a choice of holes)
i just tested a random smd electro i had in the shed, the pins could be bent down and they fitted perfectly in the 5mm holes.

I am sure you can find smaller 1000uF caps than the ones I used. Mine were quite chunky.
I think its finally time for me to get cracking on that "Triadex Muse-esque" mantelpiece self-generative synth.
2 of these, a few filters and a few VCOs, a cherry switch interface in an enclosure with a speaker.
I can read my paper and sip my brandy while listening to some NLC chaos. nanners
look forward to mine. Had to get both at that pcb and build price, just couldnt resist.
Panels now available, PCB mounts directly, no wiring to do.
AU$20 each

see 1st post for all info love
Yes I most certainly do want this, but I also want a dual VCO, a hyper wien, that delay thing...

When is the right time to order and what cool new stuff will you have by then?
I have plenty of Sloth panels & PCBs, so no rush.

Dual VCO PCBs are in stock but they stuffed up the panels (forgot to drill most of the holes!), new ones will be here in about 2 weeks, maybe less.

The Chopper and Hyper Wien panels are here, waiting on the PCBs. Hopefully this week. Some info the the Hyper Wien is HERE and the Chopper - HERE

Also the '32' will be here, though it is just a few proto-types.

The delay-no-more has been ordered.....2-3 weeks. No panel designed for it yet.
FF-chaos should be here in 2 weeks, again no panel designed.

So, to sum up, about 2 weeks, 3 at the most! love
Chopper too huh? I better start eating less...
woah,loads of new stuff...wicked

FF Chaos is just what I need
In for two -- PMing you now.
Holy crap. I want all this crazy shit.

Been planning on ordering the jerkoff (having trouble decided between single and quad), dp filter, and source of unce, then I was wondering whether I should just go for the cellf voice (just built a new case with a lot of room). Are these new ones going to be incorporated in a similar panel?

I'd like to see hear more non cell phone demos. Really interested in the voice panel, chopper, and ff chaos.
All of my vids are recorded on a Panasonic HDC-SD90 vid-cam with the audio patched from a mixer into the camera's mic socket. There are a few exceptions (Sloth fast and hyper Wien) where I am more interested in getting a scope or plotter shot and the sound is simply a by-product, so it is just the camera mic, consider these visual demos rather than audio. I certainly hadn't made any effort to patch anything interesting, usually just the module output into a VCO. My mobile phone is so old it doesn't have a video function. 8_)

A cellF voice #2 panel is being planned and some of these new circuits are actually proto-types for it. So, yes, the voice #2 panel will have a DP filter, delay-no-more, chopper and Sloth but probably not the FF Chaos or Hyper-Wien. It will also have a bunch of fully buffered Lunetta type circuits - dividers and chained logic modules. For the cellF project, I am expected to have the voice #2 panel ready by late November.
very nice! was about to order, but may wait to add the new things! so much great stuff!!!
Forgot to mention
CMOSC, QUO/LPF and VCO PCBs have also been ordered

These are really for 4U, but you can easily turn them sideways to fit in Eurorack



I PM'd Andrew, but I figure i could post here too, and see if anyone else knows. I was putting together a regular sloth, and I was wondering where the 2 10r resistors go (r11 and r12). I see them on the BOM, but not the schematics. Also, The other leg on the jacks, do they go to ground? And does the pot get hooked up using the outside legs only? something else I just noticed... I got tantalum caps for my 1uf, because that was the only non electrolytic available to me at the time. I just noticed that one of the legs is longer than the other which leads me to believe that they are polarized. I guess i got the wrong ones. Can I still use these, or should I get some non polarized caps?

I know these are probably really simple questions, but this is my first build i've done without a PCB. If anyone could shed some light, it would be greatly appreciated.
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