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Oakley TM3030 - tuning
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Author Oakley TM3030 - tuning
I'm having a hard time trying to get my TM3030 tuned across 2 octaves. I know I should be patient but after a few hours C0 - C1 is still 1 semi tone out (C1 = flat) and C0 to C2 is a tone out (C2 is flat). Does anyone have any tips or should I just persevere?
I'm using a chromatic tuner and a sequencer playing single notes of C0, C1, C2 etc.
Firstly, ensure that the voltage on pin 1 U12 is 5.33V by adjusting the PSU trimmer. If this is off then the scale trim may be impossible to set properly.

If that fails then try lowering R2 to 39K. This really shouldn't be necessary unless the SSM2210 is a bit unusual or the temp co is off value.

Thanks Tony
I checked the PSU and noticed the current was fluctuating and wouldn't settle, it was then i noticed I was using a 12v ac supply!!. So I dug out a 24v dc unregulated and everything is working fine. Got pin 1 settled on 5.33v and got perfect tuning.
Thanks for this great project, I'm really happy with my TM3030!!
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