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CGS Slope Detectors in a different 5U MOTM panel style
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Author CGS Slope Detectors in a different 5U MOTM panel style
Just posted this:

Photos and description of the new panel style I came up with to cram more stuff into a 1U panel. I plan three more modules in this style. CGS Super Psycho LFO, Mattson Mini Modular VC Mixer, Mattson Buffered Multiple (with attenuators).
I love the slope detectors and this is is a nice tight module!
thank you for explaining what the module does, too. I had been confused by its name and been meaning to take a look at it.
Great "dual" panel design!

Love it! They seem like very useful modules: trigger them from one envelope, send the gate output to another envelope, thus creating a delayed envelope effect; trigger them from an LFO with the gate out going to a sequencer...LFO goes High, sequencer turns on...LFO goes Low, sequencer turns off. All kinds of goodness.
this module is quite awesome and the panel design/layout is great too!. one thing that isn't so obvious about this module is that you can clock it at audio rates and use the knob to get a little bit of pwm type sound/movement. at which point the 'thru' jack on the bridechamber panel is nice. if you are like me and don't always usef full featured vco's with simultaneous outs, the thru is a nice touch, particularly if you didn't mult the signal in the first place. i would miss my thru jack sometimes.
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