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ADDAC .WAV player error LED on permanently
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Author ADDAC .WAV player error LED on permanently
After a year of the .WAV player operating faultlessly, the module has suddenly stopped doing anything apart from lighting the error LED. This happened as soon as I switched power on. I'm using the same SD card that came with the module and all 16 files on it were triggering fine. Now, the error LED is on when I power-up whether or not the the SD card is in the slot. Pressing reset, the LED goes out briefly but it doesn't flash and goes red permanently. I've tried reformatting the SD card with FAT16 and I've checked the WAV files to make sure they're not corrupt. I've ordered another couple SD cards but I doubt there's a problem with the original SD card. I'm waiting for Andre to get back to me, but perhaps someone else has had the same problem and found a fix. Thanks for any help!
No replies? Very disappointing. I've tried another two 1Gb SD cards but nothing's changed. very frustrating
Did you ever figure out what the issue/fix was? I have an Ultra Wav that is doing the same thing. It just started the issue today. I have only had it for a little over a week. Bought it new directly from Addac sad
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