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Bugs and Blacet
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Author Bugs and Blacet
I know I enjoy the concept of minjacks forever on the Bugbrand stuff but Goddamnit if I didn't find some insane clocking using a combination of the Touch Panel, Weevil and the Blacet Binary Zone, Gated Comparator, Scanner.

They play so nicely together. I was getting these great complex rhythms and speed changes that were so cool.

Tom, you have to do a few more minis for us minipeople
So they should do! I think any well designed clocking devices should be able to play nice -- ie you have a threshold of say 1.5v to generate a step (none of the difficulties of requiring, say, a 10v gate..)

Love the SYN1 for rhythmics - Osc1 as master and the others synced on the low-speed settings.

Ah, the minijack quandry.. I'm looking at it! But there's bits to be sorted and much on my plate so.... fingers crossed is best I can say!
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