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Silly questions...
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Author Silly questions...
I'm sure it's staring me in the face, but I cannot seem to find dimensions for the Blacet Frac racks... height/width are of course obvious, but how deep are they? Trying to get ducks in a row before I take the plunge. Would like to determine which rack cases will work well.

Other silly question... It appears as though the IO processor is the only place a lag or slew rate limiter is found amongst the Blacet offerings... correct?

- Mike
Muff Wiggler
not silly questions at all!

at the very very very bottom of Blacet's tech page is the dimensions of the frac format -

Paia invented the "Rack". We engineered a slightly different version to meet our quality and delivery needs. Modules from Paia, Blacet and some of Wiard's will fit in either rack. A typical front panel drawing is shown below for making compatible DIY modules. Note that the maximum PCB height is 4.22" to allow clearing the Blacet Rack mounting rails.

To achieve the same "feel" as Blacet units, use Panasonic Pots (Digi-Key P3T9503-ND), Rean knobs (Mouser 550-67002) and jacks (Mouser 16PJ012).

click here for the pic:

about the second question, not quite correct....the wonderful and amazing EG1 can be set up to be used as a slew limiter/lag processor (voltage controlled if you want!) as well.
Thanks for the info!

Regarding lag processing and the EG1... Ah, of course... should have occurred to me. smile

As far as Frac Rack depth... I guess I'm being dense! I still don't see the depth dimension for the rack. (I did notice that Paia's spec for modules is: 5.25" x 1.5" x 7"
so, I'm guesing the rack is most likely 8" deep or so.

Basically, I'd like to build a slant front rack case and am trying to determine how high the bottom rack spaces need to be in order for the rear of the rack to clear the inside bottom of the rack case.

I guess the answer is:
"Just buy some frac'in racks and measure it!" smile

Thanks again for the info!

- Mike
the psu can screw into the back or the rack too, so you should account for that (depth) if you have no other room for it. the trickiest part of engineering a slanted surface is making sure the modules/racks in the bottom of the rack clear sufficiently (of course).

order a rack and psu! smile
while you're at it, maybe pick up an IO and a filter. or a klangwerk. or or or hihi
that's how i started, frac rack, PS500, I/O, Filthy Filtre & Dual Linear VCA.

i use skb roto cases so i never have to worry about depth. depth for days in those things.
Just as a repository for the info I asked for in my initial post in case anyone else ever needs it, here are the dimensions for a Blacet Frac Rack (not including the rack ears.. just the aluminum cage):

Height = 5"
Width = 17"
Depth = 7"

It also appears that the Blacet frac rack '3-tier' discounts have ended. It's one price ($79) fits all now. :(

My first modules:
Klang Werk
Quad VCA
Filthy Filtre
... the journey has commenced.
No such thing... Only silly people.
D/A A/D wrote:
No such thing... Only silly people.

Good point!
K9Mike wrote:
D/A A/D wrote:
No such thing... Only silly people.

Good point!

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