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Documentation for OMS-210
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Author Documentation for OMS-210
I understand there's a new "Discontinuity" module that replaces the Wavefolder in the Oakley line. This isn't about that.

I bought a Wavefolder used, and I was wondering if anyone here could help me find any documentation for it?

Ah, the OMS210. You'll have a lot of people scratching their head over that one. OMS what???

In 1999 many of the Schaeffer panel designs had numbers on them. But I stopped using them pretty quickly when I realised I couldn't remember which number was which. I think the original wavefolder had three panel designs, OMS201, OMS202 and OMS201 mkII. Confused I was.

So after that all panel designs were called after the board they were associated with.

I have no recollection what the OMS210 was. But if you say it is the Wavefolder then it surely must be a issue 1 board. Check on the board - it should say somewhere. Getting the issue number right is imperative if you want the correct documentation.

I can supply you with a User Manual but be warned this now rather dated manual was written for builders and not users as such.

The manual and schematic bundle is priced at 2GBP and you can pay by Paypal. PM or e-mail for details.

I'm sorry, I typo'ed it. The front panel says "OAKLEY MODULAR SYSTEMS OMS-201 WAVEFOLDER".

Neat module, by the way! Thanks for your reply, and thanks for making it.
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