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new Metalbox toys!!!
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Author new Metalbox toys!!!
el clon
here are a couple of ideas w/my new Bi-N-Tic filter and gated comparator.
the first one:

here are some notes about that one:
this was my first stab at recording synths through guitar amps. the amps were turned down very low because it was 4am, so the recordings are far from ideal. i was toying around with my brand-new Metalbox Bi-N-Tic filter and Gated Comparator. they were hooked up to a Blacet Binary Zone, Miniwave (for pitch quantizing), VCO, Micro LFO, Mixer/Processor, Quad VCA and Metalbox Wave Multiplier. the Binary Zone was clocked by my computer, running Logic, w/a Kenton Pro 2000 MKII. the drum beat was quickly thrown together and kind of reminds me of newer Autechre... i'm hoping to eventually turn this into a track, but right now it's just a rambling improvisation.

signal chain: the modular out was attenuated and sent to an ABY pedal (a signal splitter/router), then one line went thru an EH Flanger Hoax and into a Marshall Lead & Bass 20 and out of a 2x12 cab. the other line went straight into a '65 Fender Deluxe Reverb w/a touch of reverb. i turned the Fender's reverb all the way up toward the end of the clip. the Marshall was mic-ed w/an AEA R84 and the Fender w/a cheapo Nady ribbon. the mics went into Neve 1073 channels, each with a touch of eq... then into the computer via an Apogee AD16x @ 24-bit / 44kHz.

the second one:

this is the same patch as found in the 'thru amps v1' track, with a couple of minor changes. the modular was just going straight into the A/D to the computer. that recording was then run thru a Sherman Filterbank (ver.1) , which i twiddled away at pretty aggressively. the tracks were combined w/the Filterbank track on the left and the dry one in the middle. i threw a simple drumbeat together and that inspired me, so i added a couple of non-modular parts from 0:15 - 1:30.

thanks for listening!
can you explain more about the gated comparator's role?

this stuff is sounding real nice.

edit - i just gotta reiterate.. that shit is stoopid dum doodoo fresh!!
i listened to that first clip--youve got some really great sounds textures going on in there. how are you using the gated comparator? ive always been curious about the bintic but never got around to checking it out.
I've always thought that synths sound great (perhaps 'best'?) through geetar amplifuckers. The dude in Soul Coughing taught me that one... he rocked a Fender Bassman on stage and it sounded fantabulicious.

My current fave is this one, but that's 'cause we make 'em & I get 'em for free. Sorry, it wasn't meant to be a plug. I'm mentioning it because it is less than 1 Watt and you can crank it through any cab, get some AC/DC style gain out of it & still hold a conversation in the room.
Muff, if this is considered 'SPAM', I won't be upset if you delete it. It's always a fine line when one works for a manufacturer. And, as you can see, I don't normally post about my work-related products. r%20ant&IncludeBlogs=3

Here' some dude that has a spring reverb mod for it:

Oh, shit! d'oh! That file is huge! Sorry... but at the same time... 'Sexay'! Dinner at the Y
el clon
a long-delayed reply:
thanks, guys. the gated comparator is being fed by the Binary Zone and clocked by a square-wave LFO. the random out of the comparator is going into the Miniwave, whose quantized output goes to a VCO.
the regular out of the comparator is going to the VCO's FM in (just barely, giving it a bump).

the Bi-N-Tic is amazing and i'm glad i got it. it's very unique. i need to spend more time w/it...try to coax more subtlety from it. i'm pretty heavy-handed at this point.

thanks for the tip, Kent! i'll be in the market for an utra-low-wattage amp in the next year.
i hadn't heard of that one...
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