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Broken Sound of Shadows ?
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Author Broken Sound of Shadows ?
i got a 2nd hand SOS, but it ain't working :(

the very first minute i connected the module it was working somewhat like it should, i got some weird delay sounds from it. but after a short while it went silent. only had the input and delay out connected, the back felt kind of warm somewhere on the downside, (guess around the backside of the delay chip) so i immediately disconnected the module.

after a quick look at my setup i decided i hooked it up correctly ( and like i said it worked for a short while, bet if the power was totally wrong it wouldn't have worked at all..) so i reconnected it. still no sound from the delay out.

clean out works fine, mix only puts out the dry signal, and the whole VCA circuit works great.

has anyone any idea what i can try to pinpoint the exact cause ? or even better : fix it smile
Hrm. I don't have any ideas but I'll contact Flight and let him know.
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