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ADDAC 804 Audio Integrator
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Author ADDAC 804 Audio Integrator
Has anyone tried the new ADDAC 804 Audio Integrator? I know it seems pretty straightforward to deserve a manual or a video review, but I would like to read impressions. What apps are you using it with?

I wonder if it works ok with apps such as AudioShare or Auria, to record from the modular. Sometimes I can't be bothered switching on my computer, to record what I'm doing.

Also, will it work with other devices, like a Theremini? I think the envelope follower could be useful, since the Theremini doesn't have a CV output for the volume, just for the pitch.
Moved to the ADDAC sub-forum? I was thinking I had more of a chance to get an answer in the Eurorack forum. After all, the ADDAC 804 is Eurorack... Last time I asked a question in the ADDAC forum, it took more than a year to get an answer. waah
Although the Theremini only has a single CV output, it can be assigned to either pitch OR volume....your choice.
Each antenna also sends a Midi CC# which is completely adjustable by the user so you can use it to control just about any destinations on other synths or devices.
Thanks for your reply. After my post was moved to the ADDAC subforum, I lost any hopes of getting an answer.
I know I can select what antenna I want to send as CV, but what I want it's to have the two as CV out without having to buy a Theremini Plus. This has already been discussed in the Theremini subforum, including a video of me using Maths as an envelope follower. MIDI CC is another issue. Here I was just wondering if this AADAC module also works for something like the Theremini, not just for iPhone and iPad.
If you really want a CV out for each antenna, you could use a Midi>CV converter. I have a couple of Roland MPU 101s that I've used to control my modular system, and there are older and weirder hardware pieces out there that do this as well.
As near as I can tell, the hardware to support a second CV out is not present in the current Theremini, so putting the CCs to work is gonna be your best bet.
One of my requests to Moog for the next firmware upgrade was to make the Antenna CCs Midi assignable, so they could be reconfigured on the fly.
Fingers crossed.
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