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Mattson Mini Modular standard resource links
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Author Mattson Mini Modular standard resource links
Here's a list of my web and WIKI links to let you have a quick resource:

Main web site:
Basic descriptive page with links to everything else.

Mattson Mini Modular forum:
Primary site forum. Major announcements made there. Although, there's more activity here on MW. Feel free to register 8_)

Mattson Mini Modular WIKI:
This IS the main resource for system and module descriptions, prices and other data.

Mattson Mini Modular DIY WIKI section: isions
This is the start point for the DIY modules, prices, wiring conventions, wiring and connection downloads, etc.
Since it's a WIKI, it's a living manual. All of you can add your experiences and resources for what you did. A great resource.

The Mattson Mini Modular shopping cart:
edited 5-19-2011

Convenience parts page: essories
This is a link to the convenience parts I am offering to the DIY customers. These are stock parts for the MMM and offered as a convenience if they fit the customers' design criteria and they need a handful without having to source their own and pay a lot of shipping just for a couple of parts.
Parts may be different than those pictured. LED's may have bare or, insulated leads and jacks change based on what was available when I ordered them.

MMM PayPal account # in case the cart just doesn't work for whatever we're trying to accomplish:

Please include your MW username and an email address whan you place an order. Shipping rates for US and international will be described in the sale announcement text.

I think that covers them It's peanut butter jelly time!

*edited to reflect new server links 9-14-2010*
*edited to update shopping cart link 5-19-2011*
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