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Eurorack .EG
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Author Eurorack .EG
Jason Brock
I just noticed this one on Modulargrid.
Is there a release date for this yet?
Does it function as a slew in ASR mode?

Depends on what you define as slew. If you're trying to get a slowly rising and falling curve out of a gate, then yes. The ASR mode is is basically an ADSR with the decay rate set to 0 and sustain level set to the maximum.
Is this module still being made? Can't find it anywhere...
mzero wrote:
Is this module still being made? Can't find it anywhere...

pretty sure it was never made...
it will be. let's get these larger EGs out first. i still want to do the .EG and Modulation Generator but they have to wait until after the VCO.

on the bright side, the large EG will be shipping after NAMM.
Mine showed up in the mail yesterday. It took a while, but it's really worth it.

My only gripe is that there seems to be now way to feed it a clock without having another STG module to provide it with the STG sync buss on the back. Everything about that annoys me, since I don't have any other sync buss modules in my rig. Oh well.
when the only complaint is that it seamlessly integrates into a larger network of related modules, i can only take that as a compliment.

a MIDI capable Time Buffer is something the hardware is designed for but has no firmware yet, so that will happen.
Any news on the .EG ??
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