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Plumbutter vs 606/808 vs Mono/Poly
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Author Plumbutter vs 606/808 vs Mono/Poly
I'm very new to Plumbutter, less than a week since I started to work with it (and modular synthesizers in general ). Despite the fact I'm in love with PB as standalone instrument, I want it to be more open for external connections and to fit better into my way of making music, so I got a few questions if you don't mind:

1) Is there a way to control Plumbutter with Roland TR606/808 trigger outs or 808 instrument outs? What are suitable inputs for such signals: pulse sequencer clock/data inputs, snare/avdog/ultrsond/gong green inputs, anything else?

2) What about Korg Mono/Poly cv/gate - trig out? Is it possible to control M/P arpeggiator speed with PB via Arpeggio trig in?

3) Which kind of cables - adapters should I get for such needs?

4) Finally - what is the black banana socket on the left side of the Plumbutter?

Any PB related links are very welcome as well as any other suggestions/ideas (for example a clearly arranged brochure with detailed explanation of all kinds of signals used in PB should be very helpful... )

Thanks in advance and the very best,
I don't own one, but do have a Rollz-5 which has similarities, I can say that the Rollz section is used in place of a traditional clock, and does some other things as well like the ultrasonic and lfo like behavior.

I often patch my Benjolin into my Rollz-5 by either plugging into some of the Rollz or plugging into the Ultrasounds, this can produce some cool stuff but is just as chaotic as patching the instrument on its own, which in part is down to the nature of the Benjolin. The Benjolin puts out audio rate oscillations and pulse signals.

The black socket is almost certainly a ground connection (I'm sure someone who owns a PB can confirm), whenever you connect two circuits together (i.e two synths or a synth to a mixer etc.), the grounds need to be connected or you will experience noise, bad behavior or just nothing at all.

I would be wary of trying to tame the Plumbutter!!
Well, nice... Which cables are you using? Ready made 1/4 to Banana cords or a kind of adapters?

I'm not trying to make PB sounds more or less chaotic by means of external gear, it is quite inadequate desire I guess, but what I want is to make it more "responsive" in live situation to my musical/composition techniques.

Against this background I got another two questions smile

5) Is it worth trying to modulate avdog/gong fm in with cv out from korg mono/poly, another roland/korg vintage synths or cv/gate signal from Kenton converter?

6) I had conversation with Meng Qi and asked if his new Voltage Memory sequencer/controller work well with Plumbutter. He told me this: "Keep in mind that CL stuff are operated under single power supply, so I think you can't put negative voltages into them... ". Any comments on this statement? As far as I understand (not sure 100% ) at least some of PB units could take negative voltages... Any thoughts?!
Banana cables are single core, so if you use adapters of some kind, whether they are ready made or home made, they won't carry ground. You will need to figure out a way of creating a common ground between devices.

I can't really speak for what gear will work and what won't. Peter B uses a single battery, but creates a virtual bi-polar supply by dividing the voltage in half and then buffering that division (He calls this Mido I think). So his devices do have a bi-polar supply of sorts but I don't know the implications of connecting with other devices.

My Benjolin has a bi-polar 9V supply and it works. If you have adapting cables and can connect ground between devices then in it will probably modulate in some way shape or form.

I really should let someone with more expertise step in from here though
hmm I really was hoping the meng QI VM would not be dual supply
guess I won't be getting that

I don't know electronics well enough to give you an answer that I'm 100% confident in know that

As long as the voltages don't go negative I'd try most anything into the FM inputs
I have made a myriad of DIY cables since buying a plumbutter
banana to banana
banana to 1/4
1/8 to banana (L, R)
piezo to banana
piezo to 1/4

I have no gear which uses dual supply power sources so I'm not much help there
I have been wondering if it is possible to build a passive (or maybe active?) Full wave rectifier to convert bipolar lfos and the such to uni-polar signals. In Form Constants we take signals from the modular to affect our video setup, but all signals are meant to be unipolar. Bipolar signals will work, but you only get half the visualisation effect, which bugs the hell out of me hihi
One of the controls from the meng qi ribbon controller I commissioned a while back was the cv splitter a very simple circuit that works wonders with the plumbutter. I figured this simple thing out by just messing around with the plumbutter and a breadboard th asked MQ to include it in the design. .

Simply put there is one input and two outputs. The input I usually used was the avdogs orange output. The cv splitter would give you the upward moving cv on one output and the downward on the other. It is just two diodes (I used germanium when I first tried it as that is what I had I'm not sure if this matters or not but I think they have less voltage drop) in line with the input with the cathodes facing toward and away from the input.
Ginko wrote:
In Form Constants we take signals from the modular to affect our video setup, but all signals are meant to be unipolar. Bipolar signals will work, but you only get half the visualisation effect, which bugs the hell out of me hihi

Interesting, is it possible to see/hear it somewhere online? This is what's I'm interested a lot as well - modulating visual software/hardware with analog modular system...
There are a couple of videos in this playlist, we tend to have quite a lot going on though!!

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