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BMC26. Rando-Chordo
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Author BMC26. Rando-Chordo
New Barton Musical Circuits project.

This module is used to take a single voice of CV and use it to make a 4-voice, quantized chord. The offsets to the input voltage are generated randomly and it has the following controls for selecting mode to be quantized to, how spread out the notes can be from each other, forcing a 5th, allowing inversions, tuning and whether offsets are applied before or after the root note is quantized.

I haven't been able to make a video for this yet, but there are mp3 demos and a documentation PDF on my website:

This is a PIC based project, a PIC and PCB for this are $18+shipping. Please e-mail me for any further information Michael @
Sounds cool Michael.
To pair this with my Living VCOs....

To pair this with my Living VCOs....


Will there also be more Clarke panels like for the V2R? They lift the whole thing up yet another level. Would love to see more of those panels ...
Synthcube is the one who works with Clarke, so that's a question for them.
Paranormal Patroler
Any chance of buying this premade? hmmm.....
00h nice. instant dub techno chords hyper
I am also interested in this. Wonder if it could substitute a troppobrillo quantimator as a diy alternative.
happy to report we now are stocking the clarke panel for this unique module as well as kits and assembled versions.. thanks to michael for the design and clarke for the panel! 80

Paranormal Patroler
Why are the SC always larger than the original?
in support of clarke robinson's desire to improve play-ability with slightly larger panels than michael's protos... matter of preference, i guess--
Just finished this one yesterday! Funny it should pop up now. Been playing with it all day.

Cool panel, might get one of those. The original panel is a bit cramped...
I also finished one, I have it in a temporary panel now.
this is a video of me playing with it, a sequencer determines the root, channel one goes to a xr2206 VCO into a minimoog VCF and VCA clone of my design. The rest of the channels go to three inputs on the MFB triple osc and into one of frequencycentrals VCF VCA combos (Electrocardiogram, if I recall correctly).
Lots of fun, and an easy build!

On tuning, yeah, may need to calibrate my VCO's smile
Hi guys,

This is on my bench right now and is my first Barton DIY module. The Rando Chordo ver 1.0 PCB (from Synthcube).

Does anyone have a photograph of the populated PCB and wiring you can post here? I would like to make sure of a few things - ie the ferrite beads going in the "10" position of what looks like resister spots marked on the PCB? As well as some wiring verification for the switches and jacks.

I have made 20-30 eurorack modules but this is my first with wiring to elements on the panel and not soldered directly to the board. Uncertain territory - but soon to figure our with your help.

My many thanks everyone!

PS: I also have the Rando Rhythm next up, if you have pics of that PCB populated - I could really use that for reference as well smile
After a very nice conversation with Michael, he generously provided these two photos of his home Rando Chordo build.

Note the switch/jack/pot placements are different than on the panels supplied by SynthCube - however, I found these images very valuable to verify my wiring.

Thank you Michael!

Thanks for the pic! Faustgeist

I saw in the doc the pic below

looks like the black wires connect to the 3rd leg of the toggle switches, but in the pic you posted they connect to the middle leg.

I was wondering which one is right or it doesn't matter?

Thank you!
ilovesoldering wrote:
looks like the black wires connect to the 3rd leg of the toggle switches, but in the pic you posted they connect to the middle leg.

I was wondering which one is right or it doesn't matter?

It doesn't matter. They are just used as simple on/off switches, so the connection can go either way.
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