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Bugs scurry in my Frankensynth
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Author Bugs scurry in my Frankensynth
Here's a little soundscape for you.
BugBrand! Click! It's peanut butter jelly time!

At the core of this is the SYN-1, PRC-1, and PRC-3a. The oscillators of the SYN-1 are barely clicking along at the threshold of starve. Those clicks dink the PRC-3a filter and that bounces through the PRC-1 delay. Around this buggy core is a whole bunch of other stuff including different kinds of delay. See if you can pick them out. Recorded in one pass with the patch handling the details and me steering.

Just thought I'd take this opportunity to rave on a bit about the recent infestation. All of it's very smart and full of life. The SYN-1 turns out to be a remarkably versatile thing. 3 wide ranging square waves may not seem very exotic but you get syncing and ringmod and VC starve (brilliant) with that and I've been surprised by the variety of sound and CV you can get from it.
Very nice - I love pinging the PRC3A SV Filter with high resonance.

What's the other things used then? You've got a loop going which sounds like its a repeat from the low-speed range of the PT Delay?

A little note on SYN1 -- whenever these become available again next they'll certainly be a bit different -- for one I need to make them easier to make (using my new PCB techniques) but I'll probably also change some of the circuitry at the same time -- that's how I tend to operate, gradually refining designs as I learn.

Cheers and great to have the bugs finally getting into the Banana-plug system!
What's the other things used then? You've got a loop going which sounds like its a repeat from the low-speed range of the PT Delay?

The loop you noticed is a sample from the PT Delay caught by a Modcan CV recorder. I like catching stuff, finding a short rhythmic chunk, and looping that part at a slower speed, often with a fixed filter to pull the right tone out of the aliasing.

What drives this patch is a feedback loop involving an envelope follower, lag, and the SYN-1 starve VC. Starve is set low so the SYN-1 dies out. Lagged and inverted envelope follower voltage plus some randomness pushes the starve CV back up to get it going again. Varying the lag changes everything.

After the SYN-1/SV/PT voice there's a Modcan delay with filtering before it making things snap a bit and some lo-pass in the feedback loop. There's also flange with feedback from a Serge WAD followed by a phaser. All these derivative versions of the SYN-1/SV/PT voice get into the mix at some point. There's a dash of PCM70 (thank you eBay) small plate on top of everything.
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