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CV Wave select on Miniwave doesn't work
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Author CV Wave select on Miniwave doesn't work
I assume the wave select CV should have the same effect as the pot. This is not the case. The pot is (to my ears) working just fine, but the CV input does nothing.

Anyone know where I should start troubleshooting this?

All I have is my multimeter and limited DIY skill.
The cv in has an attenuator on it. Have you turned that at all while feeding cv? Sorry if it sounds basic.
Yeah, it doesn't really do anything.
what type of wave are you feeding the wave select?
can you control the bank select with cv?
The bank select works fine, and I assumed that a wave controlling the bank select would also be able to control the wave select. I have tried all sorts of waves, but none work.
if you can change the bank, but not the wave, then it sounds like something is wrong.
do the wave leds cycle in response to the cv?
No. The leds don't light up with cv. But when the pot is turned the leds change. (with the sound)
perhaps it's just a bad jack. check the connections of the wave cv in jack, and where it connects to the pcb.
if those are ok, try emailing John at Blacet. excellent customer service.
I've sort of checked, and it looks okay.

I'll give Blacet a call.

Thanks for all your help!
One thing I've noticed with the MW is that sometimes the Bank and or Wave CV ins don't respond if using something other than a straight Saw to drive the input.

For example - I've tried just about everything under the sun to drive the MW and most things with even a slight high edge will run it just fine, but certain signals don't allow the tables to be manipulated at the same time.

LFOs in upper range, but not quite audio seem to drive the MW to make noise, but then don't allow you to sweep the tables.

I've also noticed that the 5/10 switch for the input range can affect things, too.

I've also noticed that the 5/10 switch for the input range can affect things, too.

Yes, it should disable the "zero crossing points" that remove clicking from the wavetable sweep.

I have a MW in Euro and I never had a problem to sweep the table, but you need a rising or falling waveform like a Saw, Tri or Sine; a pulse or square won't work because they can't sweep anything.

With an LFO you should be able to sweep the tables but at the LFO rate, so it may be only usefull as a modulator.
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