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Hatsune Miko Vocaloid Stompbox whaaat
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Author Hatsune Miko Vocaloid Stompbox whaaat
Muff Wiggler
Some earlier discussion: ku+stomp#1659972
It's very interesting for what it is. If anyone has tried it yet, how's the tracking? Does it need a sharp pick attack to work? I wondering what would happen with a slide guitar and lots of post processing.
There's a big thread on ILoveFuzz about that one. They've been released here in Japan but I haven't seen any in shops yet.
Thanks for that link. The ILoveFuzz people are sure excited about it all right, even though no one has gotten one yet. From the YouTube demos, I thought they were out there now, but I guess not. The ILF discussion is all about the same things I'm wondering about so I can watch it unfold there.
GovernorSilver wrote:
Some earlier discussion: ku+stomp#1659972

Previous thread here:
I liked this demo. Don't understand a word of japanese but he demos the pedal with a bunch of different inputs even his own voice. Sounds pretty cool:

This comes to mind...

are you fucking kidding me Bop! Bop! Bop!


I am really enjoying this! thumbs up

Pocket Miku!
Korg Corporation:
Where do I stick my penis?
Answer my emails!
this just might be my favorite peral ive got this year. (for some reason ive already gotten like half a dozen, i guess i figured why start a modular when i can run a singing robot girl through ten flavors of dirt and a dozen echoes)
So I am late to the party on this thread, but I am wondering if a similar effect to vocaloid could be produced by running my mono signal from my Moog Liberation to a Miku Stomp pedal. It looks like a fun way to perhaps goof around with a J-pop sound for fun.

Wondering if I should pick up this up and give something like that a try...

And I like the idea of putting a delay and/or flanger on it as well.

What are thoughts, particularly on the tracking?

One last Q: What is the latest iOS that the app supports? The Korg site makes it seem it hasn't even been updated to ios9, but I find that a little difficult to believe.
...You should check out Anderton Music’s Rob & Captain review of the pedal; not only is it crying-unstoppably funny, but shows a lot of the (dis-)/advantages. Tracking is... okay, in a guitar’s range. (That’s what it was made for.) Getting into bass guitar ranges, it gets very glitchy; same for higher-register stuff. And there’s some latency of the note-translation, as well; corresponding to how away-from-central registrations you go. I don’t think Korg was going for super-pro aficionados: it’s really just a fun pedal getting fun outta the whole Hatsune thing.

You won’t get any of your Moog sound outta it: Just the processed sound. But it’s absolutely priceless for spur-of-the-moment goofiness.
I eventually found the pedal being driven by a monophonic bass synth. That seemed to have really good tracking. Someone mentioned that using a square wave can improve tracking.

I'm thinking this going into a flanger or filter with some resonance would sound very spacey. The other effect that I saw a guy run it through was a Rainbow Machine, but he only used one setting. I think if he hadn't have done such a rapid delay pattern it may have been more interesting.
This Post making Me Think of Mike tonight - sleep peacefully brother Muff.
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