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Plague Bearer Bare Bones Kit.....
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Author Plague Bearer Bare Bones Kit.....
has anyone tried stacking two PCBs to have a dual in a single space? assuming it wouldn't be too deep to bump into the busboards, it seems with some wiring trickery and smallish knobs, this could be possible... may have to ditch the mults, or make the faceplate 2hp wider to accomodate some extra jacks.

i may have to grab a couple kits and get out the calipers.
Soy Sos
Soy Sos wrote:

Here's my hackey double Plague mod. Looks crummy, but I love it that way!
Crappy double attenuator/distributor next to it is handy as well.

This is as tight as you can get two in one panel with no mults I think.

Oh, wait, maybe I misunderstood you. This is as tight as I'd want two P.B.'s anyway.
Hey how to buy the barebones kit in Europe now?? Direct in the FoH website or will they arrive at Schneiders and EFN??
Hey Knob Alchemist,
Escape From Noise will be carrying all of the barebones kits later this spring when f(h) is in full swing with production. Drop Ulf a line and he will get you taken care of.
Thank you very much! wink
No more see at European Distributors.... :( :(
The world should have BareBones Kits soon!
FoxtoneMusic wrote:
The world should have BareBones Kits soon!

what I came here wanting to know, thanks!
IN STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
Two questions to flight :
I got the Barebone kit (it is travelling in the post now from Ulf), and when I look at the photo of the kit I notice that an Att switch looks different with the photos of the commercial module (it seems bigger); if so - could you please tell me the part number of the switch you use? I made an engraved front panel according to the manual (looks stunning!), and would not like to make a different one just because of a switch.
Second question is - how do you fit the PCB to the front panel? Are there some special fittings? If so - could I possibly have a look at the photo? You said before - it is DIY, not FIOY!
With Best Regards -
I am in the process of building a 1U MOTM-style Plague Bearer module with the R4 kit. I've added a Plague Bearer module page to my site.

I noticed a few silk screen and wiring diagram issues so Photoshopped some correct images that are also on the site. I'm still machining the panel but once it is complete I will post more photos and scope images on that page.

I also posted my FPE design file and one for a dual Plague Bearer in a single 1U panel.

[EDIT - I finished the front panel, PCB bracket, and wired up the module. I milled the back of the panel in 1 mm to better fit the shaft length of the potentiometers. I updated my site with pictures and a short video.]


Hi Everyone,

I have exactly the same questions posted by nd595. In my case, I have a commercial v4 with a GreyScale panel, so have the orginal panel + a bear bone kit so was hoping to make a 2nd PBv4.

1) Does someone have a Mouser part # for the Att switch used on the commercial PBv4 please.

2) Advice on best way to mount the PCB to the commercial PBv4 panel- is it the 90 degree sheet metal route using the Pots to anchor?

Thanks all. Guinness ftw!
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