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Sonic Potions - Penrose Quantizer DIY Kit
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Author Sonic Potions - Penrose Quantizer DIY Kit
Oh no, it's out of stock help
Any idea when you will have new kits?
Also interested in when there will be more stock.
Phoobooz wrote:
Also interested in when there will be more stock.
dot matrix madness
I would also be interested. Let's see if we get enough to justify a new batch.
Can anyone confirm if the module retains its settings after a power down?

If so I'd buy three smile
Settings are saved 10 or 15 seconds after the last change.
Also interested in one if there is another run!
Will more of these be available soon? smile
Part way through the build! I'm waiting for a couple bits before I can complete it. The PCBs are very clearly labeled and Julian's instructions are great. The relatively small pads and solder mask aren't best friends with the solder I was using, but it didn't take long to get used to that.

One gotcha if you're sourcing your own parts: the 10K trimmer needs to be side-adjusted and have the triangular pin configuration (which may not be obvious if you just glance at the BOM parts). Bourns 3296Z-1-103LF seems correct, I didn't have any on hand, so that's one of the parts I'm waiting on. smile

I'm curious about the choice of 10-pin bus connectors in many DIY kits such as this one. If there were pads for a 16-pin connector, one could opt for either, and optionally jumper the 5V rail in place of the onboard regulator, which would presumably be easier on the power supply than yet another linear regulator. (Ideally it would actually have traces and jumper pins to support this, so that you could still include the 78L05 for completeness, e.g. if you wanted to sell it later on.)

A clean and easy DIY project! Looking forward to using it. Planning to demo a new sequencer with it soon, will shout out then. smile

I have a couple of new assembled and calibrated ones for sale if anyone's interested.
Great project for a n00b like me!
Well documented and easy to build.
Finished mine in one day. And it works!!! Now it needs calibration...
Recomended for starting DIY adventures with confidence.
finally powered mine up yesterday and i absolutely love it
I thought this was going to be a permanent thing seriously, i just don't get it seriously, i just don't get it
Hell yeah another run - there are hardly any quantizers - relative to there importance.....
Now where? I dont like my quantimator that much - disting?
There will be a new batch of Penrose very soon (Julian from Sonic Potions told on Twitter some days ago).
Where was i all this time !!!
That look dead right to me.
I just bought a UScale but i will buy this in a heart beat !!!!
totally looking forward to another batch of these
I (finally) finished building it and it works, yay! Still need to calibrate is but lights go on and no magic smoke, so that's promising. This was only my second Eurorack kit I've built (the 4ms RCD and expander being the other), but i only needed a hand at some points. Overall an easy and very well documented build, thanks comboy (and Fetideye for support Guinness ftw! )!

Remarks from a n00bs perspective:

PCB: sometimes the solder couldn't quite stick to the PCB. Setting the iron to higher improved that, but still I had a few spots where I had quite a bit of trouble soldering.

Maybe there could be a remark in the instructions at the point where you have to solder the electrolytic capacitors that they have to be as close to the PCB as possible. Since space between the PCB's is limited there is a warning (when putting the two PCB's have to be put together) that the electrolytic capacitors shouldn't touch the jack lugs. But by then you've already soldered them. Luckely, by snipping off the jack lugs really close to the PCB I didn't have a problem, but others might not be.

Jacks: The green/red markings on the jack connectors was a bit of a thing for me. As I'm colourblind (and I believe something like 8% of the male population is) I couldn't destinguish between red and green markings on the side of the connectors, so i needed some assistance with that. Maybe if you just mark only one side, that would have been a solution for me.
I'm also in for one (or two) of these when they become available again.
I'm gonna get over my aversion to Euro DIY and order one of these babies just as soon as they become available.

I'd better dig out my old solderin' iron.
SmartBits wrote:
Jacks: The green/red markings on the jack connectors was a bit of a thing for me.

Where I said jacks, I meant the push buttons ofcourse... d'oh!
+1, the orientation of the switches was a bit of a headscratcher for me (especially as my green-red vision is not great)

Also, I heard some comments about soldering. As the PCB has a ground plane, the solder connections to ground need a tad more heat than the other solder connections. The thermal reliefs used could be a bit thinner.
I just saw that there's also a video for the calibration procedure:

I was just waiting for new front panels to be manufactured.
But the "ready in 2 weeks" turned out to be a "ready after 5-6 weeks" Dead Banana

Yesterday I finally got another batch of panels! So today I will have to finish the quality check and sort the rest of the kits and they will be available again in the shop tomorrow or monday It's peanut butter jelly time!
Quantizers are back in stock at the shop th=63

VAT will automatically be removed once you enter an address outside of the EU.
Ordered two! smile
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