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moon modular 553 midi to clock
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Author moon modular 553 midi to clock
Nelson Baboon
I had some issues with a couple of modules (as posted here) and some others have also.

As a counterbalance, I again want to stress that I'm really thrilled with my system overall, and as I probe some of these modules in more depth (one of the problems about going on a 'spree' and getting lots of stuff at once is that you explore lots of the stuff superficially at first) I'll post some comments on them.

I must say that this module is much to my liking.

It basically has 2 independent sections. The first reacts to midi clock, and there are 2 outputs (well, actually 4, but I haven't use the stop/start midi commands). One simply sends out 16th note gates at the clock rate. The other takes the clock and sends 1/4 to 1/96 notes. If I want an odd divisor, I can just send to the 4ms clock divider...

But the feature that I just tried for the first time today, which works independently of this is that it has 2 separate gates outs depending on a midi note input - one of them for notes lower than c3, and the other for notes higher than c3.

So, this goes way beyond simply converting a midi clock into triggers/gates....
Agreed! I love the M553! love

The "start" trigger is really handy for syncing all your analog sequencers to a MIDI seqiencer/computer/drum machine!
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