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Ok, so I have 14 HP left in my rack and I was thinking about filling it with a bit more noisy module to produce crunchy , lo-fi sounds like in old computer games , atari etc. It seems like both malgo and zorlon are capable of that.

What I like about the malgorithm is that it can do waveshaping as well, also crushing of pulse waves seems cool. It can be used as an oscillator too- that's a big advantage .

Zorlon on the other hand is designed to do computer-game-like noises, plus It makes random pulses. I'm not a big fan of random pulses but it seems to be working pretty well with the QMMG..

Here's what I already have: QMMG, MATHS, 2 Asol 6 HP VCOs, Midi-cv, MALEKKO ANTI-oscillator, Asol SY02, EG01, VCA2, LFO/nz, S&H-NZ,mults, mixers, attenuators.

what would you choose?
They are both a lot of fun. It doesn't track 1V/Oct, but the Zorlon Cannon can in fact do pitched tones. The pitched noise it produces is also great for percussion, and like you say, teamed up with your QMMG, would be excellent. A random CV source is also nice, and the ZC provides plenty of varieties of this. I see you have a S&H, but this is different enough, and provides a lot more.

The Malgorithm is really a lot cooler than I thought it would be. I've used bit-crushers, but this one really is a lot of fun. Plus if you crush sounds far enough, you can get pitched digital noise with it too. I used it on CVs to great effect.

I'm probably not helping much here.

I sold both, but plan to buy them again. My first choice upon doing so will be the Zorlon Cannon. For you it may depend on your future plans as well. If you plan to pick up a NoiseRing, Woggle Bug, or something along those lines the Malgorithm might be more of a compliment than the Zorlon.
14HP ?

Noisering ?
It seems that you understand the functionality of the two units rather well and that's a good thing. I'm leaning toward the Malgo if you can only have one. Here's why:

CV Processor (as J3RK stated)
Attenuators on the Bit Depth and Nyquist rate controls
It will alter all of the items that you mentioned owning and will expand their functionality
And aliasing just sounds fucking cool.
doesn't 14 available hp mean you need another case?

Doepfer's bit reducer is only 8hp and cheaper. leaves you 6hp to play with. otherwise I would say noisering or wogglebug for the sake of variety of range alone.
That's a tough one. For me the malgo is more fun but the zorlon has been more vital. The zorlon was a major part of EVERY patch. Now it's not in every patch but it's still in use a ton. More than my malgo.

Even with that said, if I were you, I'd get the malgorithm. It is non stop fun with the switches and cv control.
the WMD gieger couter is 10x better then the malgo (litteraly) and this is coming from a big harvestman fan.. woah
the Zorlon is also a PERFECT clock source, and i use it in every patch were a computer is not suppling the clock. were as (in my experience) analog clocks can loose time a bit... the down side is - if you adjust pitch - it changes the clock speed
dude wrote:
doesn't 14 available hp mean you need another case?


I plan to stick with 6U and start recording music instead of just making new patches, but you never know.. Mr. Green

I'm thinking more about the malgorithm- my music isn't based around random pulses ( my s&h does the job with randomness) and I'd like to play with CV through Malgorithm. And It's smaller so I could squeeze some other module in the case.

I'm not sure about the geiger counter, from the demos I've seen I think it's too chaotic for my liking. But the functions are quite similar plus the wavetable is cool. Also, Malgorithm looks sexier lol

thanks guys.
I have a gieger and a zorlon and if I had to choose one it would be the zorlon easily...serves me as 3 main functions - great clock out - random gates - and pitched noise which can act as a bizarro oscillator type deal (depending on how accurate you need) my zorlon and use it a lot...the geiger will probably go up for sale soon...dont use it is neat though
if i had to cut my 12u down to 6u the zorlon would make the cut handily. i don't know what kinda music you make but dismissing the pseudorandom gates seems odd to me.. they are always pumping out some really groovy accents. paired up with a clock divider makes for some head bobbin robot muzics.
I'm not dismissing random gates at all. They are just not as important to me as to other people here. But I guess the zorlon could do fun stuff with maths and qmmg.

Good thing I don't have the money for it right now so I have more time to decide hihi
If it is Atari machine bzzz-brrrr-uhnnnn sounds you want and you want them to really sound like old Atari games, you want the Zorlon Cannon pitched noise. I believe the sound is from linear feedback shift registers used as oscillators. Vary the frequency and the pitched arcade tones nicely vary. That is what other modules will have a hard time emulating.

However, I experimented with the Malgorithm on the theory that surely it could make the same kind of sounds, but I couldn't quite get that Atari-like sound. Plenty of other cool machine sounds, though.

The Geiger Counter can make a lot of sounds, maybe even the sounds of both the Zorlon Cannon and the Malgorithm combined, but I haven't understood how to do it. I feel more like I am stumbling into individual unexpected sounds that sometimes are machine-like.

One more possibility not to forget is the Doepfer A-166 boolean logic. Feed in two oscillators and tap off XOR (or the other outputs) and you are in the territory of similar machine noise, but more limited to typical ring mod sounds. If you are more creative, you can make much more complex use of the logic gates and perhaps a filter or two in feedback, again ending up with individual unexpected sounds.

In the end, Zorlon Cannon is my favorite oscillator. No keyboard, of course.
Suburban Bather
I would go with the Cannon. You can use your S+H module for bit crushed sounds until you are ready to expand and get a dedicated bit crushing module.
i vote for the zorlon cannon too. i love mine. i'm sure you'll get both eventually anyways.
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