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TipTop Cable + Monorocket Case w/Lid + Harvestman issue
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Author TipTop Cable + Monorocket Case w/Lid + Harvestman issue
I noticed that the main oscillator CV input jack became intermittent on my HD. After some investigation I discovered that the end of a TipTop cable had scratched the PCB underneath the jack so that the tip was grounding. I looked at the tips of my stackables and noticed that they all have a tiny little nib in the center of the tip. What I think happened is that I left a stack of two patched cables when I put the lid on my Mission 9 and it had enough pressure that with moving the case caused the little nib on the tip of the TipTop cable to scratch itself to ground on the PCB. As a short term fix I sanded the little nib off of the TipTop cable I was using. Long term I have to send my HD back the the Harvestman anyway for the SW upgrade so I'll have him fix the PCB with a little dab of paint or something.

I don't blame any of the manufacturers involved as I think it's a interaction of the three causing the issue.

Still TipTop may want to look into getting that little nib removed in their manufacturing process, Monorocket may want to think about increasing the depth of their lids to account for stackables and the Harvestman may want to design fufure PCBs so that no ground exists under the tips of jacks.
Nuuj wrote:
Monorocket may want to think about increasing the depth of their lids to account for stackables

and for metasonix tubes too thumbs up
Thanks for flagging this, Nuuj.

I had a similar experience during normal patching i.e. without multiple stacks or a lid.
At the time I just put down to a wobbly contact, but have just tried it again:

On my HD, only the primary oscillator's CV inputs are affected.
Patching a single stackcable to these can lead to an intermittent loss of the CV signal.
Jiggling the jack gets the signal back, but it's not ideal.
The connections are clean with Doepfer patch cords.
Hmmm, i was just about to order some stack cables but i really don't want to damage my harvestman oscillators.

Guess i'll just have to avoid the stack cables with them.

btw, my half lexington has good clearance for metasonix modules.
I noticed last night that my TipTop cables do not work with the main CV in on my Harvestman HzDonuts. They kind of work if I pull them out a bit, but the connection is intermittent.

I do not use a lid on my case, so that's not a factor here.

I'm still using the cables, gathering more info on what they work and don't work with...

Also, the tips on some of the cables are pretty loose and will rotate around... I'm not sure if that's a factor in this.
After sanding the tiny nib off the stackable it works fine with my HD.
As others see similar issues it's looking like this tiny nib is the primary culprit here. I have to say that I love these stackables and will be ordering more soon for the second time in a month. I'll just be sure to sand off that little nib.
I noticed last night that my TipTop cables do not work with the main CV in on my Harvestman HzDonuts. They kind of work if I pull them out a bit, but the connection is intermittent.

i've heard of the same issue with all the older cwejman modules...
I haven't had any issues with my Donuts and stackables. They seem to fit (and work) just fine.
I looked into the jacks of my HzD's with a flashlight and it appears the little nub on the top of the stack cables scratched the pcb. I see little marks on some of my other harvestman input jacks as well. I need to spend some time with my system later on to see if the modules are damaged.

This is not cool. Weren't these cables tested??
uh oh... sad banana
You can see the little nib in the middle of the tips.
It's really easy to sand off.
In TipTop's defense it is bad practice to have ground underneath the tip area of a jack when it's possible the two may make contact.
wow-yep-mine have this, too. haven't noticed any problems, but now I'm kinda scared to use em...
Geez guys I just order a crap-load of those cables with my monorocket case and a bunch of modules. So do you suggest that I get some fine emory paper and lightly sand the tips of all the cables before I use them? My packages just shipped from AH yesterday and I will have no other cables with which to patch.
I ordered a bunch of the long black ones... only some seem to have more of a "nib" than others. I am wondering though, was it the lid of your case pushing on the cables, or the "nib" causing the problem?

Also I've had this problem with some of my Harvestman modules before by using cheap patch cables... turns out they are just a smidgen longer than your standard Doepfer cables. I got around this by simply not pressing the cables in so far.
itijik comments from manufacturers?
As long as you sand the ends and make them flat I don't think they should be a problem. I'm not surprised that other cables may have the same issue.
All three are top notch with customer relation/interaction. I'm sure we'll hear something.
I will just inspect the cables and be careful. If it looks like a nib is on the end then I will sand with some fine emery paper. I have no The Harvestman modules coming yet but I do have several Cwejman and I want to be careful with all the electronics.
I am confused I am looking at my Tiptop stackables and they have a black ring around where the photo above doesnt? or is it just a trick of the eye?

I am still not sure what part needs the sanding, can you red circle it?
You can't see the black ring on my shot due to the angle of the photo.
It's the very tip of the tip which seems to have a little nib instead of being totally flat as they are supposed to be. Perhaps some have this minute defect and some do not due to manufacturing variations.
we only got our cables last week, when did you get yours?
I personally tested the stackcables (prototypes) in every connection of every module that I have and none had any issues. In fact, in most cases (particularly with Cliff Jacks) the stackcables made a better connection than my mogami cables.

I can check with any of the harvestman modules when I get home tonight. Is there a specific jack on the HD, or would it have affected any of them?
I got some in December and some in late January. All seem to have the defect to varying extent. Here are some after and before shots of the nib, which is actually like a nipple on the tip about the size of a grain of sand. I doubt I would have ever noticed this if I hadn't had the issue with the HD. I've only had an issue with the primary CV input, but looking into the jacks I can see the others also have scraped the coating of the PCB underneath the jacks, but to no effect thus far. Looking at some other cables I have I found some 1/4 to 1/8 inch adapters and some ancient 1/8th inch cables which seem to have a similar defect. I would guess it's not all that uncommon in 1/8th inch male plugs, thus the Harvestman should increase the PCB standoff or something in future builds.

Still love both the TipTop stackables and the Harvestman HD.
IMG_3949.jpg is the after shot?
amnesia wrote:
IMG_3949.jpg is the after shot?

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