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Abstrakt Instruments - Avalon Bassline
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Author Abstrakt Instruments - Avalon Bassline
Awesome, going to sell my newly acquired TT303 for this. The Avalon has much nicer integration with Euro Guinness ftw!
I'm so in. This was for sure one of the most exciting synths at NAMM for me. I want two, and and all of the filter cards, ASAP.
I'm already trying to decide what I want to sell to fund this new piece of gear. I have an old 1980 era Les Paul Pro w/P90's that I have never really played in the 15 years I owned it. or maybe i'll hold onto it. hmmm. looking around my place for other stuff.
Gotta say that it sounds like he nailed the slide on this one. Really looking forward to demos of the other filters too.
computer controlled
Looks like price will be $950. Too pricey for me Dead Banana
computer controlled
New video.

A bit more technical in nature.
I love how thorough and transparent this guy is being about it
just an FYI that these are now available for preorder at $949. I just pre-ordered the white with green LEDs. stoked! nanners

just gotta wait until the end of April waah
Soon as I sell some other stuff, think I'm going to grab one of these babies.
There are three more audio examples on their soundcloud page.

I have epic-level gas for this thing. It sounds great, looks great and has an amazing feature set.


The osc out, audio in and hot swappable filters are all have exciting possibilities with my eurorack. Sweet sequencer too.

At first I thought 'I'll sell my tt303 for this'. Then I thought 'LOL that's dumb!' Need both.

It comes out in April. My birthday is in April.

Coincidence? I think not.
I'm in for one as well, black/green.
I have been content with my TeeBee MkIII for like 18yrs now to the point of selling my TB303 because it just wasn't getting used. Now THIS comes along... grrr... where's my checkbook?
bummer. looks like delivery of these might be delayed. very frustrating

see here.
There aren't yet audio (or otherwise) demos for the filter cards, are there?
computer controlled
damn, sort of feel like I should've gotten this over the korg odyssey SlayerBadger!
Looks like these are shipping now. Anyone care to post first impressions when they get one?
looks cool

I really want one of these. Already have two quicksilver 303's but something about this really draws me in. The sub osc sounds fantastic and having a filter cv input as well as the extra envelope is just dead sexy..
I hope the sequencer on this can be clocked via the gate input and not just midi. Sent a mail to abstrakt but no reply yet.
computer controlled
I don't think it can be.
hadj wrote:
Looks like these are shipping now. Anyone care to post first impressions when they get one?

where did you hear they were shipping these? I was one of the first pre-orders and I got an email saying they were shipping 3 weeks later than the original April 28th date.
anyone got one of these yet ? just ordered one yesterday and wanted to know how long shipping would take to uk. i have emailed brian but he has not replied as of yet, just itching to have a go of it
I preordered the very first day it was possible and I haven't heard a peep from Abstrakt. Their Facebook page suggests they will be shipping soon, but it's not exactly clear.

very anxious to play around with this thing. gonna get my TM404 on. nanners
The updated target for shipping is June 15
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