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New Bugs
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Author New Bugs
For those of you who aren't on the mailing list, Tom just announced that there are new Bug modules in the store.

Guess who has two thumbs and a second minijack CTL1 on order? SlayerBadger!
Haha -- I was going to post an update shortly but figured I should give the mailing list people a head start!

Anyways, here's what I wrote in the mailout - gives a bit more detail about where things are at...

Hi All,

Time for some updates:::

i) First off there are a few modules in the online shop:
Both minijack and banana versions of:
PRC2 BugCrusher
And just a few minijack CTL1 Touch Panels

These will be the LAST of these type modules for the moment and, indeed, possibly the last minijack modules..

I've been working hard on new techniques for production and this has led me to using surface-mount techniques and special types of potentiometers.
Have a read of the BugBrandBlog for some insight into such things: -- you'll see announcement of an update to the SYN2A VCO which shows how these new techniques manifest themselves.

What this means, and as mentioned in the last mailout, is that minijacks are OUT - certainly for the forseeable future, but possible for.....?ever?! - you can imagine that the banana modules keep me more than busy enough and I've always said that my belief in bananas makes me want to focus on them.

So, over the coming months I will gradually be rolling out updated versions of previous module designs plus introducing a few new designs. Of course, people will ask about building systems -- I'm working on the position for this at the moment -- at present it still depends on new racks & power options, but good headway is being made and I'll update in due course. Still to note, though - I don't see myself being able to meet all the demand still so systems will still be in pretty limited supply. As happened last year I will be focusing my work on the selected system users and then offering any excess modules publicly via this mailing list.

ii) I also got some new audio up online -- again at the BugBrand Blog (link above)
Trying to highlight some of the new modules, but also just to share some snippets of what I've been playing.

I'd say to keep checking the BugBlog and BugBrand Forum at Muffwiggler ( ) over the coming weeks for some shouts about new stuff but hopefully I can do another mailout around this time next month with a bit more definitive news about availability.

Many thanks to all for now!
Best wishes,
Tom / BugBrand

Here's a fresh new pic too... just came in after I did the mailout.

Cool you can bake a cake in that !!!
Too bad...mourning the end of the minijack era. Got another crusher
and a one -off double LPG that I'm pretty excited about. Thanks to Thomas
Dog for pointing me to the email. Yea.
Mmm, it may also work for a tasty meat-loaf too!
Ooops, didn't mean to cockblock the mailing list users very frustrating
Got a little too excited this morning.
BugBrand wrote:
Mmm, it may also work for a tasty meat-loaf too!

woah Bugbrand meat-loaf MY ASS IS BLEEDING Dead Banana
Finally, some decent synth maker puts minced meat in their products! The wait is over!
Post a picture when it's ready!
Mood Organ
Screwed again by the Pacific time zone. I guess that's it for minijacks, so that's it for me as well Ghost
Audio Resistance
Damn! I don't carry my gear credit card on me so I hope a Bugcrusher is left by the time I get home.

I already missed a VCA..... waah
Mmm, I'd love one of those BugRacks as I already have 5 banana modules in the vault!
All orders now sent!

For the info -- there are still a few banana BugCrushers and one-each of the minijack BugCrusher and VCA

I'll update with more info on the racks soonish -- the initial shipment was quite large, but not massive and it will be two weeks or so before I get the standard desktop end-cheeks.

I'm really enjoying the new mp3's on the blog. The one with the CTL3 is my favorite. I'm excited to here more about that module.

Hi my name's Noah btw.
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