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DIY builders for hire
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Author DIY builders for hire
Don T
Well, I guess I'll hang out my shingle also...

I live in the Atlanta, GA area, and I'll gladly take on building jobs. I have worked as a repair tech at Audio Atlanta, and Modular Electronics (an authorized Bang & Olufsen Service Center).

Some examples of things recently finished, or in progress:

A Korg PolySix replacement CPU Board, built, tested, and calibrated:

One of Roman's 266 S.O.U. boards (in progress), and my Moog transistor matcher:

And a Topobrillo Buchla dual 281 board, ready to be wired to the panel and tested, and two ARP 2600 modules, 4019 and 4020. The two ARP modules are completely built from scratch. I redrew the board art based on the original drawings, etched, drilled, and stuffed the boards by hand. I have most of the rest of the 2600 built as well:

And the built-from-scratch control panel for my Minimoog clone. 1/3 of the knobs and all the slide switch covers I made myself from casting resin. The panel overlay I had printed at Kinko's:

Rates vary by how polite you are, and how many spare parts you have that I need! 8_)
What started as a way to buy more gear has turned into a company.

Also, I'm resurrecting Shruthi (and eventually Ambika). I'll be selling PCBs, preprogrammed chips and cases. Hoping to have everything ready in a couple weeks.

Plus some DIY eurorack modules coming and an extensive Werkstatt Mod DIY kit.

Check it here: Laurentide SynthWorks
Oh hello. I'm an experienced builder in New Mexico. I have a degree in Musical Instrument Technology and building synths is my full time occupation. Many satisfied customers and my work is guaranteed.

You can see photos of my work, and examples of pricing of finished modules at
I've done electronics repairs and restorations all my life but once I retired from Tektronix I started doing more as requested. I also restore vintage Tektronix equipment at the vintageTEK Museum. I get vintage electronics and synths from all over the world although my most fun restoration was a three cabinet circa 1968 Moog synth. I've done a number of Aries module repairs and I've been asked to do 5U and Eurorack builds, finish builds that were beyond the skills of the individual, and lately have been doing a lot of Buchla module builds.

I consider this a hobby so only like to do it part time but do have a business. I also help people troubleshoot via email and have half a dozen people at any one time on email conversations. I tend to document my repairs and builds on my ModularSynthesis website to aid others.

This photo is one of my favorite disasters that somebody sent me to restore.


Happy to build for non-builders. I'm based in the UK.

Of course the fee would be dependent on the complexity of the project
Paul Aner
Hello Everybody,

I am based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and I am happy to offer a build service, worldwide if needed.

I can build kits provided by you, I can buy kits on your behalf, or start from bare PCBs, source the components and deliver the finished product to you.

This not only applies to Eurorack modules, but also to any other kind of analog (or hybrid, as far as I'm concerned) synthesizer, the likes of Mutable Instruments, etc.

Rates are of course based on the amount of work needed. For building a kit provided by you I would charge EUR 25.00 per hour - This is based on standard, through-hole mounting kits/parts.
For sourcing all parts and components, etc., the fees will be higher, based on the project.

Of course, feel free to send me a private message for any further information you might need, rates and quotes and expected delivery time (and delivery costs).

I'm almost always willing to build if anyone needs it; especially if it's something I don't have (gives me an excuse to build one for me at the same time screaming goo yo ).

Kits, PCB/Panel, or just PCB are all fine. Either mail them to me or I can just order them directly.

Feel free to drop me a PM.
I am based in north of Italy and willing to build for hire (ship worldwide).
Not exactly an expert, as my portfolio consists just of 15 euro builds (all successful - a few didn't work at first power up, but all got troubleshoot).
I have an oscilloscope and an Ersa I-con pico digital soldering station, and can be backed up by some clever EE mind if need arise. I can source parts.
Seen that I'm starting out, will apply a discount fee.
PM if interested.
I'm in NE OH and have been building + designing synths and other audio electronics for over 15 years. By day I'm an aerospace electronics designer but audio is what I like to do most. LMK what you have going on...
I'm going to go ahead and Shanghai this thread for a moment to give super props to "Waz", who build for me my xoxheart plus pacemaker, and an MA discrete filter.
I found myself in the middle of a move and had no time (and limited skills) to complete these two babies. So I sent them to Waz.
He was totally professional, his rates were totally reasonable, and his communication was superb. This last point really impressed me. He kept me informed as to where he was in the project. And solved a few issues that presented themselves along the way.
Before shipping my completed modules home, he sent me videos of him putting them through their paces so that I could see that they were functioning as described.
10 out of 10.

Thank you Waz.
Any guys in Glasgow, Scotland? or anywhere nearby?
Paul Aner
raccoonboy wrote:
Any guys in Glasgow, Scotland? or anywhere nearby?

If The Netherlands is not nearby hihi I think somebody from UK already posted in this thread?
Do you want to meet your builder in person?
I'm based in Melbourne , Australia.

I'm up for Builds in Euro , Serge or Buchla formats.

Have built 8 panels of Serge format stuff , many dozens of Euro modules (including the Source of Uncertainty) and have done a AC-423 boat full of Buchla.

I also do general repairs and Mods to Synths , Modular Synths , Drum Machines and Modules.

PM me or hit me up here :
Paul Aner wrote:
raccoonboy wrote:
Any guys in Glasgow, Scotland? or anywhere nearby?

If The Netherlands is not nearby hihi I think somebody from UK already posted in this thread?
Do you want to meet your builder in person?

Yes. In person. Found some folk though got a PM grin
I would like to offer my services for DIY and troubleshooting/repair of gear and DIY projects. I am based in Detroit, but I ship worldwide. My rate is $25 per hour of work. I also charge a one time flat fee of $25 for sourcing projects (basically one hour's worth of work). I focus on Eurorack DIY, but have experience with other formats (MU, 5u). I also have experience in recapping high-end studio mixers and SMD soldering.

Send me an email;

I have a vast assortment of pictures showcasing all of my projects. I can show them to anyone upon request.
I'm giving a very positive reference for Waz's service. He built an Orgone Accumulator for me just a couple of weeks ago.

Pro-quality in all respects: prompt and responsive communication, frequent build status updates, provided a working proof video before shipping finished module, and ships finished product in a thoroughly packed box. Waz even got the BOM together in the beginning. Highly recommended thumbs up
Happy to build for needy people wink

I've build about 15 modules now (all worked at first startup)
(plus some MFOS stuff, guitar pedals and the too big thing on my profile pic)
I can source parts if needed.

Living in London

Hey everybody, I was a synth builder most active from 2008-2011, and I've constructed tons of MFOS synths - including soundlabs, wsgs, soundlab ultimates, 16 step and 10 step sequencers, and full modular systems. I do my own enclosure construction and woodworking. Prices reasonable.
Been working in PCB assembly since 1989. Neat and tidy work, clean soldering.

Happy to do both through hole and SMD assembly. I don't print panels or make cabinets, but if they are provided, I can assemble.

I have built both 5U and Eurorack systems for my personal use.

Based in Scotland, UK.

I build ,repair for french musician and Europe.
I ve done Complete restoration of obx 8 voices,memorymoog,cs 50,Arp odyssey jupiter 4 ,ms20 ,SH 101 ..etc
All the the 200 r buchla cloned done.
9090/xoxbox brian Castro/Mb 6582 etc

Build a 296 r

Daughter boards


15 mm high

Led not too high


The 296 of my son ,3 years old

Based in Melbourne Australia

Have been building DIY modular since 2007 - MFOS, Elby, CGS/Serge, 4ms, TTSH, etc

Also do woodwork for cases

Willing to build for others

PM me thumbs up
Oh, yeah, I do this too.

Would much prefer to build custom rigs than in a specific format.

Eastern PA, USA.

any method of contact is acceptable.
Location: UK (Devon)
Available for: Kit assembly work / Panels
Not available for: Badly put together kits, needing parts sourced, etc.

Basically, assembly work / calibration etc. is one thing at one rate, whilst a board, a load of random bits, and half a schematic....

This i would count more as development. I'm not your man for this, at this point in time, I'm afraid.

(best to be clear from the outset, even if it does make me seem unwilling!)



(youve seen it all before)
Somehow I missed this thread entirely until I saw it mentioned.

I am happy to build for people. I have assembled a good majority of the projects that have come through here the past few years, as well as doing assembly for STG Soundlabs and now, Synthcube. I have built hundreds of modules in Euro and MU.
Hi, i'm not sure this is the best place to post this but I'm after a ' 5+5 pin 0.1 inch Power Header' like the one in the image, dose anyone who where I can get one from?[/img]
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