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Is anybody getting the Moslab Kobol Expander clone?
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Author Is anybody getting the Moslab Kobol Expander clone?
Im curious as to how this synth will sound.!kobol-project/c156d

Im guessing we won't hear many comparison videos to the original expander since its so rare but I would love to hear one either way. The last expander I saw on eBay went for a very scary price so this would be a nice alternative.
I've heard a track using just the Expander and it's a fantastic sound. The oscillators and the filter are really something.
I have one on order. Should arrive sometime in April 2015. I was considering the System 8A, but heard the Kobol clips and was wow'd.

It's expensive, but I couldn't pass it up.
You might hear a comparison video, but MOS-LAB is so busy fulfilling orders for the 921 and 901 OSC and modular line and the Expander orders.

Sebastien has all sorts of RSF gear and if you watch his videos, you'll see them featured prominently.

As busy as he is, he still has time to pull together outstanding original music and accompanying video or demonstrations.

The original 8a video which was referenced above was one that grabbed me and lead to my purchase of a pile of MOS-LAB Moog clone modules. I had a MOS-LAB Kobol but had to sell it when I downsized and simplified my rig.

But yeah, great stuff and I think the Expander (while having a high sticker price) is extremely capable, unique and priced quite fairly considering how much research and custom work goes into it. It's also a 'chance' to own a classic. Who knows how long they are going to produce these before they move on to the next thing. If you've got the means, G R A B O N E !!
It looks like he's also cloning the expander 2 clone with all the goodies like ring mod, sample hold, etc. Look at this amazing song/tribute to tangerine dream at 4:55

I have a real Kobol arriving soon, Ill be sure to post some demos of this rare bird.
Got some kits
krainov wrote:
Got some kits

Interesting. Am I correct this is NOT by MOS-LAB as I see zero reference to them. Would like to see more info
This is NOT by MOS-LAB

krainov, that link posted a few comments above goes to a page about Scuba Diving.
yep, looks like his domain expired a few days ago.
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