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Squarp Pyramid - New sequencer etc.
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Author Squarp Pyramid - New sequencer etc.

Just what I have been asking Elektron to do for several years
It's called the pyramid, but looks like a fucking box to me...

Great to see something new in the sequencer department.
Could have had more MIDI outputs, but it's a smallish thing.

Here's a video by the way:

Interesting, wonder if it can record cv and gates.
2x CV/gate ins, 1x CV/gate outs
Maybe it's possible to connect the modular directly to it for controlling parameters and converting them to midi, would be preeeetty sweet
Looks interesting, want to read more specs.
I'm very interested into this : it seems to have all i wish love
looks cool - like that it can import MIDI files via a card, but 1 set of CV/gate out is going to be a tough sell for me at that price point, what with the beatstep and all.
same for me... needs more cv+gate channels for me to be interested.

I want elektron to make something like the analog 4 but all external cv... like 4 tracks, 16 cv outputs. Kinda like 4 audio damage seq 1's but more like the analog 4 layout and feel.
Yeah, just ordered ER-101. I don't think I will need another sequencer in near future. Looks nice thou
Not a great deal of information there though is there.

And that's a tiny screen, very small screen. You could buy an iPad for about the same dosh.
It has a touchpad?? What for?!
so you can rub it and then stare intensely at the camera
DonaldCrunk wrote:
so you can rub it and then stare intensely at the camera

Hhahah hihi
you could easilly connect it to a midi to cv converter.

I would take away the touch pad and add bigger screen.
But hey I think it's meant primarily for midi.

If you want to use it as a midi controller the touchpad might come in handy.

I think there is pretty much info, but until there is my I will not place and order, besides need a new euro case and the grendel synth hihi
MATSmile wrote:
It has a touchpad?? What for?!

Maybe for the ENV out which looks like an extra CV out. I'm just speculating here though.

EDIT: Ok so I read to the end of the page and it's a CV envelope….I'm confused hmmm..... So it just sends out a CV envelope and not linear CV?
I haven't read all the specs, but to me it really makes zero sense to only have one CV/gate out on whats marketed as a polyrhythmic sequencer??? seriously, i just don't get it
nice. looks pretty cool and flexible. i like that it has some midi FX and stuff. creative
I think it looks great! 2015 seems to be the year of the sequencer, and some really nice models to choose from, tough call deciding between this and the beatstep pro both have +/-

Next next level sequencing, which fills the niche left by Elektron now that they seem focused on Overbridge and computer integration seriously, i just don't get it
I know we are getting spoilt in 2015 now!!

I do really like the look of this for it's MIDI effect capabilities though
it looks great.

where's the SLIDE though ? Dead Banana
More cv´s in & outs please!
Paranormal Patroler
I'm curious if people would feel the same if it didn't have any CV outputs at all. Why not buy a MIDI-to-CV module? Yarns can pull of a nice trigger-only mode.
That video is worthless. At 699eu it seems pretty pricey for what it is imho


Oh cool. It does have a sort of drum machine grid and piano roll. Neat.
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