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CRUMAR GDS - 2 out 3 World's Surviving Units Now Restored!
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Author CRUMAR GDS - 2 out 3 World's Surviving Units Now Restored!
Hideaway Studio
electricc wrote:
hi...someone can help me in found one Crumar/GDS unit for sale or trade...?? also broken.....??? thanks in advanced

eek! I'm afraid only 4 known surviving examples exist world wide out of the estimated 7 built... all with loyal owners.
Hideaway Studio
numan7 wrote:
wow - all i can i think of saying is omg, how beautiful ! we're not worthy

well i do remember being extremely fascinated by wendy carlos' written descriptions of the programming and playing of these wonderfully complex sound machines for her 1980s albums (i seem to recall both gds and synergy were involved with 'digital moonscapes', for example although i could be mistaken - i think i need to re-listen to 'tron' sometime).


Many thanks - it was a huge honor to work on these remarkable and extremely rare early ground-breaking digital instruments.

You are quite right, Crumar GDS & DK Synergy were indeed used on Digital Moonscapes and on the OST for Tron. Both instruments in fact share the identical High Speed Digital Oscillator Board and are capable of sharing each other's sound patches with most of the factory patch library for the DK Synergy being developed on the GDS (including several superb patches by Wendy Carlos herself).
Hideaway Studio
This is the last test recording I made with the GDS before she left the workshop...

and here is a similar timbre I used to record a quick duet on my DK Synergy II+ with a 1950s Jennings Univox J6 I was restoring at the time - both the GDS and Synergy share near identical synthesis engines.... be-synth-vs-36-year-digital-synergy

It felt a little bizarre mixing a 60 year old tube instrument with a 30 year old digital synth but it worked out nicely!
Hideaway Studio
I’ve just posted two more demos of material I recorded on the KS GDS back in 2014 during major restoration which I found in my archives today.... -2014-restoration-test-excerpts-ii

This one is a recording from the GDS during playback of a Performance called NYLE1 found on one of the 8 inch disks. I thought it was quite a nice example of the GDS’s multi-timbral capabilities. -original-gds-demo-nyle1

BTW... you can clearly make the GDS in this concert.....

The scary thing is that you can almost read the patch names on the ADDS Terminal at 21:23 in the Performance program!!

I have now arranged all my GDS and Synergy test recordings as two main playlists... ergy
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