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Ekdahl Moisturizer is fucking great!
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Author Ekdahl Moisturizer is fucking great!
It gets very wet and drippy sounding. The filter and LFO are bonuses. They make it more playable and strange sounding, but it holds it's own as a reverb. I'm sure if you got an accutronics spring it would sound "better" but it sounds pretty good as is.

**Edit: haven't had time to try it with the modular, anyone tried that?**

It's worth the money if you like spring reverbs or odd noise boxes.

i'm surprised by how lush it sounds and how smooth the filter can be. also, the mixing function w/the reverb/filter is very useful and clever.
Yea, I agree completely.

How well does it handle a modular audio signal?
It probably need to be attenuated, but I haven't tried. I just ran my 909 through it (which is pretty hot...) without issue.

I like it. I was having fun bending the springs.

For what it's worth, I like the Demeter RV1 more as a spring, but this is cool too.

I'm really looking forward to modulating some of the CV ins on the back. I'll have to try that this weekend. Hoping to get a nice little dub rig going on my side mixer with CV effects + Silent Way.
I got mine in December and love it. I was playing with it all day today. I've been using it with my SEM, Cp-251 and Moog Mp-201. It's a great combo. Has anyone tried patching something in between the in and out from the springs? I was thinking about trying my mf104.

Looks like we've got a whole lot of Wigglers here that could post up some sound files... Mr. Green
Kent wrote:
Looks like we've got a whole lot of Wigglers here that could post up some sound files... Mr. Green

will try in the next couple days. just recorded a bunch of things i need to arrange/edit mix. will try to throw down some synth noodles into it though.
Awesome! Thanks muchly. I've heard some samples from their website, but I'd really like to hear something representative of what our lot enjoy making.

I'll post some demos too in the next few days. Been pretty busy lately.
What kind of filter is on that thing? My impression is that it is a bit special... maybe Steiner-ish? Anyone know?
It's a multi-mode with the resonance limiter removed. That is supposed to make it extra bubbly (and it does). It's after the reverb too so the highs remain.(doesn't filter the highs before the reverb)

Steiner-ish I don't know, but it is a bit different. It helps to make it more of an instrumemt than just a reverb effect.
if any of you have a CP-251 try hooking them up together. I just got done entertaining myself for the past hour or so. I need to explore it some more.

Did anything ever become of the demos? This looks like a fun toy for sure, but I don't know how useful it'd be. The filter's way juicy though!
BTByrd wrote:
Did anything ever become of the demos? This looks like a fun toy for sure, but I don't know how useful it'd be. The filter's way juicy though!


got busy.. slipped my mind. i'll try and throw something together soon.
No worries! I'm looking forward to hearing what this thing can do!
Got mine yesterday, I loves it. Its a keeper.

I was quite surprised at just how good it was at being a processor, I kind of thought that it would spend its life as an oddball noise maker/instrument. But, I have spent a good part of the day putting a drum machine through it to great effect.

#In response to requests for it being used with a Modular please follow the link below. I set up a fairly random patch, fed the output straight into the Moisturizer and messed with the controls a bit. I was quite reserved and managed to only scrape the springs once. I hadn't intended to do it at all but they kept looking at me!
What I am impressed with is that you can play with the controls a fair bit without the need to attenuate, it doesn't get too out of hand. ie you can go from no filter to full filter with full resonance and it wont jump massively in volume same with the reverb. I'm trying to say its pretty balanced.

i want to setup my EM with a big reverb spring- anyone try this yet? i'm ready to mod the shit out of mine.
Clickety Click

Pretty big spring if you ask me!
I like it, though it's prone to being noisy, and it demands surface space that's somewhat hard to come by in my studio right now.

I'd enjoy hearing about alternative spring tanks used with this. The CV inputs make this fun to play with in a modular environment. Can't say that I've discovered The Patch yet, but it's been a fun piece to have around. Very unique.
I don't find it particularly noisy? my Studio is prone to being noisy too, I think the electrics in my house are shite. I get all sorts of noise issues. I can't realy record nicely to PC as even with an external interface it still picks up crap, I am sending via a pretty shitty desk which may not be helping at all.
I was actually quite surprised that it was as quiet as it was. Fingers crossed I don't get home later and realise I had new gear love and its actually a noisy POS!!
my band mate bought a Moisturizer a little over 6 months ago from analogue haven. it is amazing. we BOTH love it and use it all the time.

however, his unit shipped with a defective LFO, (it simply didn't work).

i contacted Karl (ekdahl) regarding the situation and he immediately offered to repair it for free AND pay for the shipping BOTH ways! he was prompt and polite and extremely helpful his emails to me.

from the day that i shipped it back to MD from IL, we had the unit back in our setup and fully functioning in less than two weeks!

great product, great company, great customer service.

based on MY experiences, i highly recommend it to anyone considering one!

want it badly (a few months and it will be mine!)

also im doing the same thing richards doing - going and finding loads of different springs for it, thick ones, thin ones, stretched ones, dampened ones

cant wait love
can you do the same thing with some modular modules (filter, lfo.....) and say the reverb doepfer module with the reverbtank open so you can touch/manipulaite it (outside the case)
or is the connection something special to the reverbtank????

i have small budget so having the doepfer reverb (not in case) and connect to modules whouldn't be that almost the the same principle?
didn´t know i needed another reverb until i sat down with this one.
brilliant machine!
I seen people coil a slinky into it and stretch it across the room. It is amazing what a 2 dollar toy can do for reverb.
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