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Bananafication and Blacet panel renewal
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Author Bananafication and Blacet panel renewal

I've decided to go the banana way after trying out a few banana panels. It just feels right!
Anyway, I thought in a moment of DIY hybris, that an alternative solution to reaming new holes in the Blacet faceplates could be achieved.
I want to make a, say, 3U 19" panel with new graphics and holes for jacks and pots. This would, I reckon, make me able to squeeze in 8-10 Blacet modules in one such panel.
The pcb I thought I could stack parallel to the plate with standoffs and two component glue, or something.
Is there any good reason not to do this? Anything obvious I am not seeing?

brackets that mount to the jacks or pots might be better than glue.
kinda kills any resale value of the modules, but hey, this is a lifetime commitment, right?
i love custom systems
In some ways I'd suggest keeping it modular -
- it becomes a much less daunting task for one! Several people on this forum have converted large Blacet setups to banana - generally *gradually*!
- trouble-shooting remains straightforward with individual modules whereas if you make things custom you may find it a lot more difficult.
- re-arrangement of layout

Sure there are other things still to think of for both cases of the argument..
But that kind of puts a lot of limits on placement of said knobs and jacks, no?
In order to squeeze as many modules as possible in one rack, a few new layouts of knobs and jacks will be necessary. This may (or may not) hinder the mounting brackets.
Any reason glue is no good? (Other than that brackets is better, which I understand smile)
Yeah, I can certainly see the potential for some real trouble-shooting problems.
But there's something very appealing to me about have 2 EG1s and 3 vcos in 2,5 frac spaces (which is possible!).
2,5 frac spaces = half a rack (not 1/4)
It's pretty damn easy to ream out the holes and just insert banana jacks... Also for ready made Blacet modules, there aren't many options for the pots, since they're all PCB mounted already.

Forgive my noobiness, but does the pots being boardmounted rule out desoldering them from the board and wire them up?

Come to think of it, that sound like a LOT of work.
If you started from kits this would make way more sense I think.

Desoldering (up to) 6 Pots per module would be a PITA. I had to remove about 8 pots on my whole 9U Blacet system - all factory built modules - these were NOT supposed to come off!!

To tell the truth, Blacet panels are pretty dense in use, I also added alot of attenuators to CV inputs as well as some extra electronics in places - attenuverting processors on the EG-1 Attack & Decay CV ins for example, once you add the extra pots / knobs, the panels are choc-a-block.

For mounting the PCBs I'd go with a Serge style frame parallel to the panel. Means you still have easy access to the boards, they can be removed induvidually for troubleshooting etc. I don't think glue is a good idea, gonna get messy if you ever need to tweak / change things.

One of the main reasons I did my conversion gradually is I don't have a proper workshop & only a very small bench. If you have the space to have everything laid out at once for testing etc. it might not be so bad.
Hmm. Yeah, it does sound like a total PITA to remove all those pots.
Maybe I shouldn't do this after all.

What's the best way to ream new holes? I've never used a reamer before. Is there a way to do this without anything electrical? Like a hole puncher or something similar?
I used a plain old T-bar reamer. Takes a few twists to fit a banana jack. Cheap and easy.

Something like this:

Great! I'll get one of those for sure.

My DAD and I/O kits arrived today. I'll give try to give them instant banana joy tomorrow!

Thanks, everyone!
applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause applause ANOTHER nanners !!!!

Bannanaland is more fun then you first realize... and it is the f'ng shit... I don't care who you are. If you like 1/8" or 1/4"... you are a MOE! JK. However, since converting all my frac to nana, alot more inspiring to write and have fun. Might just be the color coded jacks but i do not think so.

I started getting into euro, but was quickly overwhelmed.. went from almost 12U full of modules to just under a 6U at the moment. Anything I have left in euro i'm going to convert to nana soonish and the only darn thing I'm keeping that's 1/8" is my 606 drum machine and the harvestman evin/stilton. Evin/Stilton because I'm going to use that as a dedicated feedback loop monster with guitar pedals then feed over a banana to the banana box for background stuff.

A friend of mine was over a few weeks ago and he had'nt seen the mod's I've done in a long time, he looked over at my banana box and was like "wow, I'm not even into modular stuff but that just looks like a fun ass toy to play with" I simply nodded...... smile
Just finished my Blacet I/O kit! (Sure hope it works, won't know till tomorrow).

I drilled the holes 8mm to fit banana jacks. A reamer was impossible to get a hold of, but drilling was just fine. Real easy.

I hope I did right regarding ground. The only thing grounded on the I/O is the 1/4" jack in. This is correct, yes?
Ekofisk wrote:
JI hope I did right regarding ground. The only thing grounded on the I/O is the 1/4" jack in. This is correct, yes?

Inspirational stuff guys! Think I might 'nana my frac too. I see BugBrand in my future (well hopefully!) so 'nanas will make sense.

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