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Little-LFO to be phased out
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Author Little-LFO to be phased out
The last lot of Little-LFO boards to be manufactured are with me now. Once these have gone I will not be making any more.

The Triple-LFO 5U module has effectively been replaced with the Dual-LFO module so there is now little demand for the Little-LFO PCB. However, if you do want one, then now is the time to get your board.

Any more Little-LFO boards left? hmmm..... lol It would be nice if you were able to have those available for people who want to slip them into DIY builds, like adding a normal'd LFO to a larger module etc. I mentioned it in this thread:

Some suggestions that you probably already thought of: Mr. Green

* Make it compatible with both +-15v and +-12v supplies

* Drop the MTA-156 power header to make room for a 10 pin eurorack header. (Making a DotCom to MOTM power adapter is pretty trivial these days for a DIYer?)

* Add at least one, preferably 2, mounting holes to make it easier to secure the PCB when the pots can't be mounted to the PCB

* I suppose you could make it even smaller using SMDs and call it the Littler-LFO? hihi But, I'm old with fuzzy vision and shaky hands so personally I'd prefer through-hole. (hides) you kids get off my lawn
JohnLRice wrote:
Any more Little-LFO boards left?

None at all. The module was effectively replaced in 5U by the superior Dual LFO.

I am planning a 4HP wide Eurorack Little-LFO at some point this year though which may fulfil some of your wishes. It will, however, be surface mount - but, like my other new Euro modules, it uses the larger sized components for us oldies.

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