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Forum emailer feature - please review your settings
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Author Forum emailer feature - please review your settings
Muff Wiggler
I've added a feature that lets registered users send an email to another registered user through the forum and without having to know the recipient's email address. This is done through a form that appears when you click the 'email' link in their profile or under one of their posts.

The email is sent from the site, but with the originating and 'reply to' address of the user who sent it (ie, the address they registered their forum account to). The sending user does not see the email address of the person they are sending to, unless of course that person replies to the email. All subsequent replies to an email sent from the board go through the user's standard email and don't have anything to do with the forum. It's just a handy way to begin an email conversation with someone.

If you would like to opt-out of being easily contacted via your registered email address, that's fine. Please go into your profile options and set "Always show my e-mail address" to "NO". Please note that forum administrators will still see an email button on your profile when you turn off this setting (they could always just do an address lookup in the admin panel anyway), but all other users will no longer see an email option for you. Users who are not logged in and search engine spiders NEVER see your profile, email buttons, PM buttons, signature, etc.

MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Announcements - Please read!  
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