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Thrash Metal AFG
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Author Thrash Metal AFG
I'm cracking myself up with this one. Thrash metal guitar played using the AFG sine, a little FM, Dual Bissell, no filter, and Doepfer Ribbon Controller.
nice. now you need some ridiculously fast double bass drumming and lots of screaming. Guitar Drums! Singer

"do do do do bap do do do do bap"

That's my double-bass drumming Dead Banana
SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger! SlayerBadger!
very very cool! we're not worthy

edit- how is the dual bissel being used or is that a stoopid question?
The Dual Bissell was in there as the patch evolved and I suspect it is contributing to the thickness and palm mute guitar feel. The rise is set around 10 oclock the fall between 10 and 11. The ex/lin is set at a hair past 12. It is slewing just slightly the cv1 from the Doepfer ribbon controller. That goes out to a multiple that feeds the pitch cv input of both AFG's. The sound is coming from the sine output of both which just feeds a vca.

However I have the Dalek in to the PWM + cv of the harmonic animator side of one AFG set to Matter. Then the Animated Pulses out is put into one of the FM inputs of the other AFG set to Antimatter. This AFG is also getting a steady CV from the Doepfer CV source module into the 2nd FM input set until it growls like a Rat distortion pedal. This AFG also gets a heavily attenuated CV2 from the Doepfer Ribbon Controller into the 2nd pitch cv. This AFG with the Antimatter, FM, and 2nd pitch cv inputs is being synced from the first, Matter, AFG.

It started with me just messing around with the dual bissell slew and I started doing some fast taps on the ribbon controller that reminded me of a Slayer or Kreator riff. I just started tweaking the patch to bring out that sound and this is what I came up with.

I think the slight Dual Bissell slew into both and the slight pitch cv bending of one of them adds to the realism. As a guitar player plays that fast, they are palm muting as they hit the strings hard and the pitch is going to waver slightly. More so the harder and faster they pick the strings. It also thickens up the sound with a slight pitch variation.

I guess I should stop now... My nerd is showing.
pristak wrote:
I guess I should stop now... My nerd is showing.

if you're on this board you're already guilty of pure blown nerdery. it's required before registration.
Dual Bissell FTW! w00t

I'm always saddened when I see that's the least viewed of all my videos. Poor bissell gen. Under appreciated.
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