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easkul F. Mobenthey series Banana version Possible?
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Author easkul F. Mobenthey series Banana version Possible?
Im just thinking out loud…. (gets me into trouble)

After my coco purchase i see many more purchases from peter in my future. Is it me or would't a banana Mobenthey series be possible/awesome and kind of make sense to pair with the mk2 coco and plumbs? financially this is currently a pipe dream but knowing would definitely help in my planning. again just drinking out loud smile Guinness ftw!
Muff Wiggler
I asked PB and sadly he said its not possible :(
Damn. That was kinda my gut feeling. Assuming the different voltages wouldn't play nicely.
Muff Wiggler
I think the voltages should be fine, Pete said the way their are designed doesn't allow room for them with the parallel PCBs (or something like that)
You may be able to get the bare (machine assembled but with no panel) board from him and repurpose them that way. Peter is usually pretty open to these things, I got a bare shnth board from him for a project.
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