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Quicksilver TR 606 Problem
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Author Quicksilver TR 606 Problem
I have an issue with my Quicksilver TR 606. I had been using my TR 606 synced externally for some time. I tried to run it today just as I had been before and there were no start/stop messages received from my Octatrack. Everything powers up as usual. Other synths were working that I have the OT synced to. I tried unplugging the midi, running the 606 as the master and nothing seemed to work. I paged through the manual again and couldn't figure it out.

Just as a note, I couldn't get to the step sequencer as well.

Any ideas?
did you verify the midi plugs are still attached to the quicksilver board internally? check continuity between the external midi jacks and the pin headers on the quicksilver?

fingers crossed that its something simple, but if you have managed to kill your quicksilver i'm interested in buying it.
Make sure you didn't accidentally switch to USB MIDI.
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