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Max/MSP object emulating Peter's 'Bounce/Bounds'
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Author Max/MSP object emulating Peter's 'Bounce/Bounds'
Hey All, sorry to be absent, been very busy
(among other things, Rodrigo and I got a nice new version of this thing: )

...but while balls-deep in coding(ha! that sounds terrible, i've never used that phrase before, i don't think i ever will again... but someone remind me of this thread if i do), i stumbled upon this thread, making the bounce/bounds idea in C code for an MSP external: o-byte-alignment-64-bit-conversion-of-ext/

(if you don't have max/msp, you can also just run the helpfile in the free max runtime to play with peter's idea in a nice multicolored scope~ interface there just to see it in action... i realize analog is always better, but not everyone can afford oscilloscopes so this is one area where software is sometimes a very affordable educational/mathematical visualization tool (i wasn't good at understanding sample/signal math until i could visualize and play with it in this particular way))

Anyways, just a nice thing to see PB's ideas getting farther out into the world. Cheers! Chugging Beers
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