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What would a new mini/cheap Weevil have?
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Author What would a new mini/cheap Weevil have?
Opening up to ideas...

About time I had a regular Weevil available, but I don't want to just repress something like the last Postcard or Travel or...

So, what would be best?

[I can imagine: Audio Input, Nice Filter... I'd also like to use my more regular pots / better control but that could raise the cost a lot]


[by the way this isn't a promise that anything will come soon!]
How about adding acoustics to the electronics!
Add a ready-made plastic or metal part as a resonator for the tiny speaker.
I'm in favor of the better pots/additional control.

I'd really like a weevil that has something like, two or three groups of oscillators (sort of a 2-weevils-in-one approach). Would be fun to dial in a drone, tune another drone in a harmony, and then be able to "weevilise" both of them / have the two drones disintegrate, come back together, etc.

I liked the way the cube weevil was set up with the binary selector for the step... an additional step or two could open up the potential for melodic things.

. . . So many possibilities. w00t
There's always many ways to skin a cat.. for sure..

Speaker & pots maybe go together, but point towards something bigger (more expensive) - cased or semi-cased - probably that would be called for for regular pots. Speaker resonator - likely would have to simply be built in to a regular enclosure - customising little metal tins = unrealistic!

Hmm, so the preset idea - yeah, I guess the bin-seq of the Cuber was something along those lines.. I do wonder if MORE stability is called for in some areas. Keep the sonic-oscs chaotic, perhaps..
Carl Hungus
Is it possible to make a Weevil that has expansion for those who want an upgraded version? Something like the two versions of the DRM?

Perhaps that's a way of keeping it affordable yet giving it an option for those wanting more and are willing to pay.

I think tactile upgrades like knobs aren't a bad idea. Perhaps something like what Mutable did with the Struthi where Olivier did a limited deluxe enclosure as an add on package. But if you want cheap there's that option as well.

Personally I think an ultra Weevil with multiple Weevils in a nice instrument case would be a killer stand alone instrument.
As an owner of many weevils (postcard, WOM, travel, cube, boardweevil2012, audioweevil08) I must say I would definitely appreciate the option for a more involved instrument with upgradable/expandable possibilities. A big thing for me would be the opportunity to sync weevils together - at the moment I can sync weevils via delptronics' bender sequencers but I have always wanted to be able to sync oscillator rates between weevils - I.e. On the Boardweevil 2012 where osc1 can be used for filter cutoff modulation I'd love to be able to sync this rate with another weevil's modulation oscillator at 0.5x 2x 1.5x speed etc. likewise with the cube weevil sequencer rate.
Since I banana-fied one of my Boardweevil 2012's with two bender sequencers in an enormous case I've never looked back it's an absolutely awesome instrument.
The filter on the boardweevil2012 is by far the best one with the blend between hi and lo pass and gnarly amount of resonance. It really gives the instrument ila refined character beyond the standard weevil design.

Oh!! Something that is hopefully relatively simple that I've always always always wanted is amplitude envelope control via a piezo or a touch panel like on the old mecha weevil design, that would be a dream come true! Say two piezos and AR envelopes that can be routed to oscillator pitch, filter cutoff or output level. Or even just trigger in jacks for this purpose.

Stepped knobs for certain controls or small faders for easier recall of settings (I know this is kinda counter-weevil ideology) would be really fantastic. Particularly oscilator rates, power starve and ring mod blend knobs.

Also in favour of more oscillators and perhaps a mixer.

Some form of patch bay like the suonoio or mute synth 2 could be good but perhaps with a way to switch resistance values between patch points. Having made a patchbay for my Boardweevil I know this opened up the sonic possibilities 100 fold being able to patch particular 2 points together completely seperately from another 2 which you can't do with your hands.

An expandable port for a 'crusher eye' to use with the LDR's could also be nice.

Also super in favour of a mega weevil with fantastic knobs etc and everything mentioned in a nice case like 2 Boardweevil 2012's with oscillator mixer, envelopes, binary sequencer, sync abilities, audio input, multiple waveform dedicated lfo,

DROOLS Dead Banana

Excitement overload!
One last thing just came to me...... When performing on a weevil you tend to find these magic moments where you have a great rhythmic, sonic/timbral unity resulting in a sound so complex that recreating it on any other equipment would be nigh on impossible..... A little button that lets you save a 'state' of sorts of every control on the weevil so you can digress from your rhythmic/sonic perfection moment and then ping it all back at the press of a button would be absolutely incredible, wouldn't necessarily need to continue to save it after it's been powered off.
No idea how do-able that is especially under battery power, but if I could have any one thing on a weevil it would totally be that.
i foolishly sold my BoardWeevil 2009 in a fit of gear lust, and have regretted it ever since. i'd be super happy with something along those lines- i'd personally rather have something cheaper and with a limited feature set, specific to the weevil concept, rather than fully featured and more expensive... that said, i'd also probably spring for a fancier one if that was the only option, but i do really dig the circuit board-based aesthetic.
Yes audio input would be interesting. And a crusher on the end. Maybe someway of smoothing or tilting the waveforms before modulation so not always so buzzy? w00t
Im all in favor of a more featured and expensive weevil
I also have a bunch of weevils (Postcard, Board 2009, Board 2011 (same as 2012 but yellow), WOM, Travel, Cube and a couple of the module version). They are all wonderful, but out of these there are two that I come back to all the time - the Board 2011/2012 and the Cube. For the Board 2011/2012, it's the fantastic filter and filter modulation that makes it so diverse and nice-sounding, and for the Cube it is the superb gestural controls (to play like a musician, not like a droner), combined with the seq-oscillators. I've used the Cube in a number of gigs and improv sessions, also with dance improvisers, and it is so flexible and expressive - and semipredictable, which means I can use it to get pre-determined characteristic structures and not just explore the unknown space.

So, a mini-version of that would be wonderful, and especially a continuation of it's playability-enhancements - perhaps combined with the filter capabilities of the Board 2012? Merging them would be a killer for me.

palle, of course the Cube was the one weevil that I missed out on. very frustrating
chrisdermo wrote:
Since I banana-fied one of my Boardweevil 2012's with two bender sequencers in an enormous case I've never looked back it's an absolutely awesome instrument.

This sounds quite cool -- any recordings of this?

Along with a few others, I am all for the mega/ultra/weevilus colossus amphibious model in a case.
hmmm..... a dual cross-modulating weevil-pair configuration (along with cubeweevil-style sequencer and touch control, audio input, nice filter, etc.) could be very, very interesting!

numan7 wrote:
hmmm..... a dual cross-modulating weevil-pair configuration (along with cubeweevil-style sequencer and touch control, audio input, nice filter, etc.) could be very, very interesting!


If this turns out to be cheap maybe throw in a little delay too. hihi

I kind of like mini dials and the compact design of the previous Weevils so please don`t mess with that.

Onboard speaker and LDR`s is a must!
/\/\/\/ wrote:

This sounds quite cool -- any recordings of this?

Not at the moment - it's currently on the workbench undergoing a refurb, my cabinet building and soldering skills aren't so great so i'm slowly redoing the whole thing to hopefully give it a longer lifespan with less chance of dying!

I did post up a terrible demo a long while back of the boardweevil with just one bender sequencer:


apologies for not changing the irritating note sequence! Points between 2:06-2:52 and 4:39-6:05 give a good idea of the craziness the weevil circuitry can produce when a sequencer is involved.

Listened to the old mecha-weevil examples from the archived bug site again today, I am totally 100% praying for AR envelopes on a new weevil - would make a very nice little brother style companion to the DRM-1's?
I'd like something like the 2012 for sound generation with cube sequencer, with more steps, and maybe pads to trigger steps when the sequencer wasn't running, or reset it when it was
Im open to any new weevil ideas you come up with tom.... But one thing that would make the weevil infinitely more useful for my sonic arsenal would be if it had softer waveforms than square. Triangles would be especially welcome...
OK - thanks - LOTS of food for thought (and about time I replied aye..)

It all pulls two ways -- the Weevils always began from the lofi (based on f'ing with simple circuitry) and have mainly stayed around that, though sometimes with some nicer (but still basic) circuitry (eg. VCF).
The more complex, eg. Modular Weevil (which, I've said before, I never really gelled with and didn't feel captured the true Weevilness) is a wide area, perhaps ripe for expansion but obviously with many gotchas (pricing being a major one - more complex circuitry naturally involves more involved parts approaches)

I was thinking on DRM2 being a Weevil based machine - the heart of the Weevil was, after all, based on a way to generate cymbal sound source. I even posted some sounds from early tests::
Interestingly (perhaps?!) one thing I was trying out with these protos was doing away with touch-plates and instead having preset feedback paths (switchable) with pots - this may be more 'repeatable' but I didn't really get to a comfortable point in those tests.

So, yeah, on the Mecha-side.. that's a good one to ponder - do I go for the relatively lofi or on to the more modular approach like the DRM1..

OK, other thoughts/replies..::
Sequencing (a-la Cube) - yeah, an area to explore more - I wasn't 100% sold on that implementation..
VCF - yeah, the State-Vari with resonance is clearly a nice feature!
Waveforms - the very nature of the device means it is based on Square-waves...
Sync etc - yeah, that was something I again tried for with further modular-ish experiments - but again I didn't quite find a happy point..
Awesome sounds!

If you do do go the mecha route (and I REALLY hope you do) I personally would prefer it to be kept on the lofi side of things more similar to the mecha than the DRM modular side. The crunchy / bit-y and sometimes nasty harmonics are what I love the most with all my weevils. Just as long as there are additional trigger in jack/minijacks to be used with drum triggers or clocks I'll be smiling like a cheshire cat.

Just noticed a weevil08 on eBay UK, all this weevil talk has got me itching to buy!
Drumweevil please!
tIB wrote:
Drumweevil please!

tron23 wrote:
tIB wrote:
Drumweevil please!



weevil on a sort of littelbits form funchtion is great and seems cheap (not sure actually)
like a modular weevil.
my two cents
audio in and waveforms would be a great upgrade imo cool
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