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Bastl Thyme
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Author Bastl Thyme
Paranormal Patroler
Not much talk about this baby coming up. Miley Cyrus


    32 sound presets consisting of basic parameters:
    Sampling frequency
    Coarse delay time up to 3.5 seconds and additional fine delay time settable in steps of two samples
    Wet-Dry Mix
    Sophisticated LFO, routable to any basic parameter with its own settings:
    Sawtooth, Triangle and Stepped-Random waveform
    Frequency range from 0.1 to 200Hz
    Additional stepping or smoothing
    Additional waveshaping (threshold, rhythmical deactivation, XOR-modulation)
    LFO frequency and delay time are syncable to midi or analog clock

    Randomizer chooses a random combination of parameters
    CV input routable to any parameter
    Sound presets can be sequenced by a 32 step sequencer, including
    Speed control by tap tempo or midi clock
    32 different patterns
    Automation of up to three different basic parameters throughout the whole pattern
    Compatible with Bastl instruments’s side connector known from trinity and microGranny (midi, sound and power distribution)

Definitely a must buy for me as I'm a Bastl fan!
The whole new Bastl lineup looks totally amazing. Definitely interested in Thyme. Reminds me in parts of the OTO Biscuit.
Paranormal Patroler

A little talk about it on this video. Parameters over open DSP architecture? Definitely interested! And indeed it reminds me of the Biscuit. Hope it's more than a bit crusher though, I'd love it if it could do higher-fi stuff.
Very tasty processor waiting the audio demos for sure!
Here's my interview regarding the Thyme. The video doesn't include a sound demo, but maybe I can film one tomorrow. 9mq9n8Onm7n7&index=9
Paranormal Patroler
screaming goo yo screaming goo yo screaming goo yo Hug
WOW. this sounds exactly like something I was trying to piece together with potential Eurorack gear all in one box!

Too bad I have a feeling that 3rd Q guess will actually be well into 1st Q 2016. I'm on board.
Ssssoooo it's a clockable, bit crushing, waveshaping, looper/delay ? Looking good Miley Cyrus SlayerBadger! Miley Cyrus
Paranormal Patroler
mckenic and dude are bound to appear in the thread any time now.
hihi applause It's peanut butter jelly time!

Soon as you posted the video I was like "Watch this topic for replies" click!
I was kinda looking at the Roland scatter thingy too... scatter & looper.

I know its not what the cool kids should be considering... but I gotta tell you, I got a VT-3 and its ACE on acoustic guitar!
Paranormal Patroler
Ha! Exactly what I was into as well, the scatter and that delay were right down my alley. But you know, there's always a soft spot for Bastl and this baby looks very promising so looking forward to getting it and making some weird sounds ...
Here is a little sound preview of the crazier side of the Thyme. You can also get less crazy stuff like regular delays out of it too, of course wink It's still being developed, so the sound will probably change until release. W9mq9n8Onm7n7&index=19
Paranormal Patroler
You turned the panning to the left and all sound moved to the right. I just realized I have my computer monitors panned backwards lol
So, like, whatever happened to this project? It's almost a year later and nothing. hmmm.....
I was wondering the same thing recently and asked them. Apparently it's "not cancelled", so I guess time will tell. Of course I'm hoping for a CV-controllable version too or even a Eurorack module applause
There's a post on the gearslutz forum where somone claims they emailed them a couple weeks ago and they replied that it would be announced within the next couple of months.
Good news - this is in final stages according to Cuckoo's documentary
That's a great little doc actually, ta for the link.
looking forward to it too It's peanut butter jelly time!
there's a not-so-good quality video of the new and updated Thyme:
Paranormal Patroler
Happy that the new version is stereo in / stereo out. thumbs up
it looks like a crazy lil instrument and i'm intriuged
This almost puts me in mind of a modern take on a Boss RSD-10. I'm really looking forward to this one!
Gregor Dys
so, any news on the release, yet?
I wish this would get released! I have the money for it and there are a couple of other bits from Bastl that I would like to pick up at the same time.

I realise that I'm doing that annoying thing of giving people hope of news of a release date by replying!
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