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deerhorn still a mystery
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Author deerhorn still a mystery
Hey, I managed to change the trimcaps inside my Plumbutter, because when I got it, some of the contacts of the capacitors were broken and the deerhorn didn't work. I got the deerhorn working by accident now- I still had to touch the upper screw of the antenna to trigger the deerhorn and didn't get any theremin action waving with my hands.. So I connected alligator clip to the screw and when I touched the other end the deerhorn started working. Then I tried if grounding the screw would make any difference- it did not, but when I connected the other end of the alligator to the positive contact of the battery clip it started working as I thought it should.. I now can turn the pot to find the spot where both leds are on and moving my hand closer and further changes the behaviour.. Then I tried to solder a wire inside the blumbutter from the positive battery connector to the screw and it again did not work.. I dont mind having the alligator there all the time, but could someone wiser explain what the hell is going on with my deerhorn?
Hi ekke, welcome to the family! If you haven't already done so I would strongly recommend emailing Peter directly at, he's clearly the most knowledgeable person to ask about such a problem and in my experience is always willing to help. Let us know how it turns out!
Great advice, I wrote him and finally, finally I have a fully working Plumbutter with extra ground output! I had to solder some 50pF caps there in series with the trimmer to bring the theremin back to it's range..
Great to hear! Now you should give him a Coco as companion... Guinness ftw!
That's right, if someone will give me the money I'll have coco and all the leaskul F. Mobentheys as well razz
Peters instruments are all objects of desire..
if you are into programming get a shnth
the shnth is so fun
I know little bit Max/Msp but I know nothing about actual code writing. How is the shnths programming language? I live in Estonia so ordering from USA can get really expensive.. Does someone distributes Peters instruments in Europe too?
The programming language is more like max msp than it is written code

I will find some example videos
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