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recording to TO with external controller
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Author recording to TO with external controller
I am pretty sure i know the answer to my question will be a disappointing no but i have to check: is there a way to record note data and velocity data into the TO using a midi keyboard that sends velocity data?

The TO specs say it receives velocity on and off, so 2 different levels. But I can't get the TO to save any data sent to it - there's no record button, only the 256 switches on the TO itself seem to save note data.

A little background in case it helps:

I want to use the TO to sequence my TR9090, which has midi but no built in sequencer. I have the TO set up to do this, but of course there's no velocity.

Using a midi keyboard I can play the 9090 with velocity.

Using a midi merger/router I can have both the keyboard and the TO controlling the 9090, but separately.

Using the midi router I can record 9090 patterns to a sequencer by playing the midi keyboard and recording the midi into the sequencer, which also sends midi data back out to the 9090 via the router, including velocity and note data. It works fine with the RS7000, but it seems there isn't a way to record note data into the TO from another midi device.

Is this just a limitation or have I got something wrong?
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