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Raspberry Pi: Samplerbox Player
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Author Raspberry Pi: Samplerbox Player
Robert McLeod
This could be interesting - I picture some handy individual could produce a front panel for this instrument. From the website

    Drop'n'play sampler: drop .WAV samples on the SD card, and play!
    • Open source / open hardware
    • Raspberry Pi 2 computer inside!
    • Cheap: < 99€ to build it
    • Booting time: 10 seconds
    • Polyphony: more than 128 voices
    • Latency: 11,6 ms
    • Memory: can load sample-sets up to 1 GB

Yes I was actually dreaming of such a simple thing but of course sitting in my Eurorack.

Would also want a version with say 8 outs and a few encoders for making a Re-drum style module.

It's on my list of things to try once I get up and running.
Interesting! I have an LPK25, as well as a RPi, Model B (I wonder if it will work with that). I've been looking for something interesting to do with the Pi. I should check this out.
can it change pitch of the samples in real time (like an EMU)? or do you need to load a separate sample for each key?
if it can't transpose, then there are already other DIY solutions (cheaper and with less latency too)
Looks like 1 sample per note in the sample file sets, that could be changed though.

11.6 ms latency is quite a lot, also you would want a separate dac, the audio out on the pi is terrible!
Looks like its got a separate dac so that's covered.

This with a 12 bit dac could kill my gas for an Akai s950 hmmm.....
Here some pictures of my rack integrated samplerbox. I like it a lot altough it has lots of latency, around 40ms. This should be possible to reduce to 10ms , but I dunno how.
What I like most is that you can put an usb stick into it with just 4 samples and it autofills the whole keyboard range, with the right definitions..

Robert McLeod
Lovely work, you've been busy! thumbs up
Catfish, where did you buy that awesome USB port holder thing? Awesome build by the way, love the keyboard keys.
I'd be very interested in a rPi sampler with a few buttons, but that latency seems excessive to me.
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