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Ieaskul modules as a system?
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Author Ieaskul modules as a system?
I've read comments here and there on the forum about how the Ieaskul F. Mobenthey modules apparently work very well together as a complete system, but there was little elaboration on the fact in any case. I'd be curious to hear impressions from folks who may have used them together on their own (or mostly so - it seems you would have to add some mixing and maybe some S&H to really get going with them). They do seem to be designed in a very patch-programmable, multi-use, Serge-like way that I'd imagine would make a very nice system. Thoughts? Sounds? This is fun!
I'm planning on buying all the Mobenthy modules and a couple expert sleepers modules to control them from my computer, and that's it!
I've been using 2 Swoops, a Sport Modular, Mixiplexer, Snazzy FX Telephone Game (which I still haven't gotten a good grasp of yet), and a VCAM as a small system. I'm not going to stick with it much longer, as I really want a Hurdy Gurdy and have enough other gear to stay busy with....
but I really love the two Swoops as a complex oscillator pairing. I haven't used any of the other Mobenthy modules, so perhaps this is totally unhelpful, but if I were going to keep them I'd look into adding the the Sprott filter, as the Sport Modulator isn't filtering things in a way that I'm into (and I haven't actually tied used a Swoop as a filter yet...).

The Dunst looks pretty awesome.

Wish all these were available with bananas Dead Banana
Does the Swoop do slew-type tasks like a DUSG? I forgot to try that aspect of it when I demoed the IFMs at Control, or at least, I wasn't aware of how to do it. I noticed that it seems to go a lot higher than the other DUSG clones in Euro.

I would love to have a smallish IFM system for travel and performance, with mixing, S&H, and 1/4" outs. Maybe a comparator or two, too, if there's room.

I like how there are so many multipurpose VCAs in different parts of the modules. I guess one could mix using the Sprott, but that could get weird.
I haven't explicitly tried that yet. I'll give it a whirl tomorrow.

I'm not sure what your approach to playing is, but in my little system, all I have are knobs and wires, and I really miss some sort of gestural interface, like barres, or touch pads in order to be able to control everything.
Makes sense. I typically make generative, often feedback/chaos-oriented, patches and use them to explore subtleties or find patterns, so knobs are typically enough for me. But I love playing the barres on the Shnth, in a totally different way.
An IFM system does make sense. I'm having all available modules besides a Fourses and that already is quite a versatile setup. But it gains a lot of flexibility if you add other stuff to it. I like how it paires with a Wogglebug or a Sport Modulator. Pressure Points are great too.
And gestural control is easily added. Just get some contact mics (or solder them yourself) with a mini jack and you already have a good starting point. According to some posting from Peter B. the inputs are prepared for such high impedance. The Mikrophonie module is also a good addition.
yghartsyrt wrote:
According to some posting from Peter B. the inputs are prepared for such high impedance. The Mikrophonie module is also a good addition.

Yes, they are, the Barre Controller is just four Piezos with a bit wood around. Works well with the IFMs, but does nothing with a few other modules I tried. So you can use Piezos directly.
I have built a small IFM system. It's fantastic. Dual Fourses and Swoop just really raised it to Serge level.
2 Swoops
2 Fourses
Circuit Abbey g8 and VacVac and Gozouta mixer
Boss bow tie

I control them with Barres and a Shnth plugged into the PTG (to amplify + env follower)

I should make a recording.
Please do! Sounds like a nice system.
Well, my Swoops sold faster then expected, and I didn't have a chance to really figure out slewing.

I tried it a bit, but it didn't work as expect - I ran a signal into the bottom up input (although now thinking about it, I think I had a bit of feedback going from the up done to the down input...), and it didn't really work. If I had a chance to try it now, I'd give it a whirl without any other patching.
I don't think they slew. I tried out the Swoop at Control, and feeding a Wogglebug's stepped voltage into either of the top outputs just changed the bounds with each step. It's fully an oscillator, no slew.

On the plus side, I did get some nice chaotic patching going between all three modules. screaming goo yo It would be a lot of fun to play a live free electronics/noise set with all four together.
@ym2612 let me know if there are some things in particular you'd like to see done. Hopefully this week I will have my Fourses & Barre for a 'complete' IFM system.

Currently have Swoop (x2), Denum, Sprott, and Dunst - very much enjoying these modules on their own. I rarely reach outside of them at the moment. Feel like the rest of my system is lonely, but will figure out a way to integrate with the other modules at some point or will move the IFM stuff in its own rack.

Edit - I see @diasporos has a full setup as well. Either way, let me know if there is something you'd like to see and I'll do my best.
Hi, i have a dunst, a swoop and a Sprott, looking at getting the fourses or a denum as well for my last more experimental rig. I am loving these things. I would love if people would share how they are using them.

FOr my DUNST i am feeding it sound with a Mini-shimmery 'Drone' into it and sending it control with a Make Noise Maths and it's crazy fun.
i got both a fourses and a denum to complete the set. I am looking for a barre, anyone have one for sale?
I'm looking to start a small euro setup with IFM. I have other euro, but want to have a smaller second standalone system with IFM and a few other modules. I have the materials to build my own barres. So I'm wondering: What IFM module should I start out with that pairs best with piezo barres in the context of using it with other euro and eventually moving on to more IFM? The "Barre" has 4 barres, so does that mean that a module like fourses or sprott works best with the Barre? I mostly want to use the barres as control as opposed to audio.
Personally id start with fourses. And then whichever you want after that. I see fourses as the captain of the ifm modules
Fourses is the captain but I think denum is made to be easily interfaced with the barres, like the bipolar VCA input that does panning similar to the sidrassi
Loving my Fourses (totally the captain of my system at the moment) and Dunst for my glitch percussion/ambient setup. Was planning on getting the Denum, Swoop, and Sprott, but just saw someone putting a Plumbutter up for sale in the FS thread and been reading/video-ing about it, and now I"m all flustered. very frustrating
Life's hard.... screaming goo yo
wondering if anyone has had any luck implementing an intersexon for two fourses - i imagine it is a s/h, but the necessary current mirroring is holding me up; may have to dig into the intersexon on the paper circuits

So I'm planning my setup now, and initially I was thinking of just having:

1 x Fourses
1 x Swoop
1 x Sprott
(1 x Grassi) <-- this is more for a 'control' area

in terms of IFM stuff.

I'm now thinking of expanding that some, and want some input from those of you that have multiples in your system.

I want to expand it to have perhaps 2 x Fourses, but then have room for either another Swoop as well, but perhaps that should be a Denum?

So if you had room for 5 IFM modules, what would you have? (given the scope of my system, a Dunst is low priority since I can get noise/randomness elsewhere)

This is kind of where I'm at at the moment (sketch wise)
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