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Author DRM1 FMed
I had some time tonight to play with the DRM1 and recorded after some post exchanges in the buchla section with pustule, who I recommended to invest in a DRM1X for even more fun.

Sorry for the poor iPhone video, but it uploads faster. The sound should be OK (added separately).

I still do not have all the right bananas + knobs, even the panel will be replaced when I have time to make a new one, but the purpose here is was to show some FM sounds made with DRM1 via expansion module: it's my own Xpander and it's a bit different than the DRM1X, but the FM should be identical. First time I played with it and it was really fun!

All sounds = DRM1 + Xpander (+ filter + PT Delay).
I send an OSC sound into the Filter Input on the Xpander.

DRM1 + FMed by Morphing Terrarium Oscillator.

On my DIY, I added LP/HP/BP single outs (on this video from 5:50 to 6:18), so I can mix these single filter outputs separately too, like heard in the AUDIO file (see last part of this post).


DRM1 + FMed by Quadsine Oscillator via Xpander.
PT Delay modulated by Env OUT on Xpander.


Here I use the filter output on the Xpander for the hihats, OSC out of DRM1 for bass line, Quadsine for bass drum.
Filter trigged via own Trig IN.
DRM1 out goes to filter goes to PT Delay.
Playing with different single fitler outs on Xpander (no delay) + filter out on DRM1 (with delay) = fun wink

Listen to short version (2.1MB)
Listen to long version (9.7MB)


As info, the Xpander shown here is a private DIY single unit I made for my BugBrand modular. I am not producing or selling any other unit.

Yes!! Sounds awesome! I gotta get a DRM1 w/ expander eek!
Thanks for posting the videos Batchas!
Awesome work (xpander and sounds) we're not worthy
Huh, whao, wow! DIY DRM1X -- looks very nice indeed!
Post a pic of it!!
Gringo Starr
Wow you built that xpander? Nice job making it look Bugbrand authentic!

What is the module that sits to the right of the Morphing Terrarium?
we're not worthy for the sounds and re- we're not worthy for the DIY skills eek!
Love that.
Gringo Starr wrote:
Nice job making it look Bugbrand authentic!

I agree!

Gringo Starr wrote:
What is the module that sits to the right of the Morphing Terrarium?

Orgone Accumulator
Thanx for all comments thumbs up thumbs up thumbs up

BugBrand wrote:
Huh, whao, wow! DIY DRM1X -- looks very nice indeed!
Post a pic of it!!

Merci Tom!

I thought I make a video, but we can't see much on the iPhone in HD seriously, i just don't get it


So here is a pic.
I got the rest of the bananas, but still need to mount them.
It's good the video in the op was so blurry, so we don't see all the imperfections or the difference of colour of this red panel.
I made it as a test with print on dibond at Whitewall. Even if the red colour is very different than the original pcb red one, I should have made it glossy, instead of mate! My bad...

I had to cut by hand the panel and also it was very difficult to drill nice holes on this one! Quite a pita in fact!
But the module works. And that matters for now.

Oh yeah... Atm the function behind AM is VCA, not AM!. So I'll change that later.

AWESOME!! Good work Batchas!
Excellent sounds and DIY!!
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