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Five Steps Album / Buchla 200
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Author Five Steps Album / Buchla 200
Hello , i m glad to announce our new album :

Jonathan Fitoussi & Clemens Hourrière
Album : Five Steps
Release Date LP : 8th of June 2015 - CD & Digital : September 2015

VERLP030 : Jonathan Fitoussi & Clemens Hourrière - " FIVE STEPS "

Five Steps is the fruit of a recent collaboration between Jonathan Fitoussi and Clemens Hourrière.
The Buchla 200 is one of the first modular synthesizers dating from the 1970s.
Jonathan Fitoussi and Clemens Hourrière, sharing a passion for vintage synthesithers,
accepted an invitation at EMS Stockholm for a week-long residency to explore and create this body of work.
Using solely the Buchla 200 without any other instruments, the two composers/producers imagines each piece as part of a film track.
Using certain sound ideas and talented tinkering, the work is somewhat mimimalist,
and offers different moods, corresponding with different times of the day and the city of Stockholm.

All tracks recorded at EMS Studio Stockholm during a residency at Studio 4 / May 2014.


“… toutes mes félicitations pour la délicate précision et la lisibilité parfaite des jeux.
Beaucoup d’imagination des timbres, (…)
c’est un moment de franche simplicité parmi la “nature des sons”."
François Bayle

“… I love hearing the Buchla (…) and especially appreciate the attention you give to spatial placement.
I love the precision and intentionality of your compositions, but especially the spirit.
Wonderful listening !”
Suzanne Ciani

“An elegant and beautifully balanced record. Perfectly in control of the equipment and their material, Fitoussi and Hourriere demonstrate why so many contemporary electronic artists still yearn for the controllability and personality of vintage modular synthesizers.
They show that it is not a patina of lo-fi sludge and saturation that is important, it has more to do with the subtle organic control of electronic sound.
Control that doesn’t sacrifice serendipity, spontaneity or humanity.”
Jim Jupp - Ghost Box Records

more info :

Hope you like it.
Best regards

Très chouette thumbs up
It's one of the most beautiful records I've heard this year. I bought a vinyl of it last week. thumbs up

And there's the new Charles Cohen album too, for even more Buchla goodness.
Super! Bien hâte d'avoir le temps d'écouter.
Whilst I applaud the effort I find the cost of 18€ per album download to be insulting and detached from current norms.

This isn't to say that the effort isn't worth something, and we all know that most musicians are horribly underpaid, but 18€ is questionable. How was this number calculated?

I'm streaming the preview now and the content seems good.
Kent - the 18 Euro buys you a physical vinyl LP. The digital version hasn't been released yet.
Ah, thanks! That was less than clear on the Bandcamp page. I appreciate the information.
Sounds great - just ordered a copy!
vinyl sold out in 8 days? How many copies are being made?
Hello, first thanks for the feedback!

The vinyl is only sold out on the label bandcamp shop, they will have more next week, but still available on other online shops as : e-steps/571082-01/

and also in some "physical" record shops...

There is about 500 vinyl copies.


Will there be a digital download release as well? Vinyl is of no interest to me and others.

I like my synths old and my media modern! cool
yes sure, but only in september (digital and cd).
ordered the vinyl thanks a lot! I listened to a few tracks, really great stuff! Finally get to hear the stockholm system... you always see pictures but never see any videos or hear what it sounds like.
Hiflygunther wrote:
yes sure, but only in september (digital and cd).

Chouette et merci bien!

Got it today. It is a work of beauty!
Pushing up this topic a little to give some more advertising to this beautiful record... we're not worthy

I'd say it's a future West Coast synth classic.

Here's a track from the LP : hourriere-solstice-winter-from-the-five-steps-lp
Seems a bit stupid waiting until September to sell the mp3 version. I could have paid and enjoyed listening to it now for over a month.
I have the vinyl and it's just amazing.
I got a download link for the digital version when I purchased, so why isn't it available yet indeed ?
Sorry for the digital release delay and finally there will be no cd release (for some financial reasons...
The reasons are record label schedule, promotion etc...
Btw we had really kind words from Morton Subotnick about the record :

”Five Steps is a gentle and friendly collection of music created on the Buchla 200, my first choice of all the Buchla instruments. Jonathan Fitoussi and Clemens Hourriere use the 200 with precision and musicality; this speaks both to the composers’ masterful accomplishment and to the enormous flexibility of the Buchla 200. The album is quite even in quality and variety; from sequenced beat patterns to ethereal dreamscapes. My favorite was the textured melodic fragments of Instants Ephemeres.” Morton Subotnick

amazing job Highflygunther applause applause applause

I love musical pieces made with a Buchla and this particular atmospheres.

FWIW: I'm very likely to stream it often on Spotify (I don't like vinyl either) when it will be out on digital.
Out on digital with one bonus track!
Listening now. It's quite enjoyable.
I have ordered mine, also Do you know other vinyls release that sound like this one you remember something buchla or same kind, i guess it is rare ? Maybe should i have to create another thread ?
Really enjoying this release. Fantastic Record. nanners
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