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Soundcraft Signature Series
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Author Soundcraft Signature Series
Any word on release? First hands on reviews, anything?
Paranormal Patroler
Not available yet according to Sweetwater but the look really cool.
In Europe thomannn says 31.07. Was about to buy a Mackie onyx12 but then I saw those mtk12. I don't like beeing a guinea pig, but probably it will be the first time I'll buy gear without hitting the market and have read some reviews.
These look interesting, especially the MTK versions. One thing though, I don't see any "inserts" hmmm..... Maybe they're assuming you're gonna use effects and dymanics from your DAW? The price on these mixers are fantastic.
does anyone see an alt 3/4 on this mixer?

how would this compare to a mackie vlz4?
Yeah, regarding the lack on inserts, I would assume they excluded them because, at least with the MTK line, that folks would be using DAW plug-ins on the individual tracks. The non-MTK signature mixers are also missing insert though, that kinda sucks.
I think the concept is decent quality pre's for recording and analogue summing with EQ for mix down.
I can see this being perfect for a small studio based around a DAW.
So yes, if you want to work with outboard dynamics and EQ on mixdown, not for you, but if you want a good way to record your music and get some analogue EQ and summing on mixdown, pretty cool desks.
Of course, this is assuming they sound good, but I reckon for the money, they will be excellent.
Of course, as you have a couple of subgroups, you could assign a track to a subgroup (which has an analogue output) and send that to a compressor or whatever and then bring it back in on a different spare channel to kind of replicate an insert. Not ideal, but a workaround.
Even would work with a master compressor. Send 10 tracks to the 1-2 subgroups in stereo and bring the output of the compressor back into the other 2 channels and send them to the master which can be recorded in the DAW.
But this and a laptop is a pretty cool small location tracking and even mixing setup.
I think the 22MTK will be a great solution for anyone with a room full of synths. I'm intersted in the 12MTK as a techno live PA mixer for various Elektron, Nord, and Waldorf instruments. Hoping the USB class compliance works well for multi tracking the performance with an iPad.

But they need to ship them first. I've heard rumors of supply side issues in component pricing and manufacturing. Whatever, get these boards out, please, already.
Yeah, I should really make myself wait for the release and the reviews that will follow. Multi-tracking over USB seems awesome, but how well it work across various software and apps is another thing all together.
looks like a good alternative to the zed r16.
Do you mean the Zed FX series?
no, the r16.
r16 because like the MTK version, it records multi-track.
Have there been any reviews done on the effects algorithms? The Lexicon brand is exciting but I wonder if they really sound as good as some of the famous Lexicon boxes.

Also, I'm wondering why there are only 2 stereo inputs (plus one FX return). I have an Elektron A4 and a drum machine, which would eat both of them up. Where would I bring in the stereo aux returns? Even the 22MTK only has 2 stereo inputs (and then the footprint is much larger). I like the Mackie Onyx 1220i, it has 4 stereo inputs, plus 2 extra stereo aux returns (albeit without the EQ, just levels really). It doesn't have multitrack output over FW like the Soundcraft, but I don't plan on using it for final mix downs, just want to multitrack record my jam sessions.
davidjames wrote:

Also, I'm wondering why there are only 2 stereo inputs (plus one FX return)..

I'm wondering the same thing confused
Why are they skimping on stereo inputs?
Anyone got any news/updates/word-of-mouth on the 22mtk release date. I know it's been a moving target for some time. Frustrating cause I am serious need of a mixer and been waiting for a long time.
I'm the same way I wanted to purchase one spring of last year when they said it was going to be first released but as you can see I gave up and went a whole different direction.

Thing is Vaporware I tell ya.
When it comes out, I want to plug my Waldorf Stromberg into it.
I have one on the way. I pre-ordered from Sweetwater 6 months ago and it should be here on Wednesday.

I went with a MTK12, I plan to use it for recording and jamming at home.
Sick! Hope the 22mtk is shipping soon! Should be if the 12mtks have left the station right...
deltaphoenix wrote:
I have one on the way. I pre-ordered from Sweetwater 6 months ago and it should be here on Wednesday.

I went with a MTK12, I plan to use it for recording and jamming at home.

Please let us know how you like it. Been on the radar for a while, not that I immediately need a solution but this is likely in the future.
I have a Soundcraft Signature 12.
Something is really upsetting me is when I turn it off, after a few seconds, it sends to the loudspeakers a short and ugly noise. I looks like it comes from the onboard fx because at the same time the leds of the fx turn on. And actually those fx are quite crappy.
Otherwise I enjoy it, but still not sure if I prefer it to my old mackie 1402...
my friend has the Signature 22 MTK... seems to work fine, no issues so far.
Does anyone have the 22mtk yet? What are your thoughts impressions. How is the multitrack recording working out for you?
Seems to work , which is nice to have separate instruments on separate audio tracks without several expensive interfaces chained together but the documentation is poor ( they have a step by step for Logic which uses Logic nine and tells you to go to places that do not exist in Logic 10 or exist in different spots. More step by step is needed. Its early but I recorded some stuff last night and it worked.. have not tried the effects... more in a few weeks..
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