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Samplr iOS Question(s)
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Author Samplr iOS Question(s)
So I've been using Samplr for iOS as part of my live rig. I really like the tools, can do some cool/fun stuff with it and the MIDI sync has been working great. My problem currently is that it only holds 6 samples and, when changing projects (to load another six samples), it breaks the MIDI sync. The only way I've found to resume the MIDI sync is to stop the MIDI clock and restart it, not an option as I'd have to stop my show/recording/things I want to stay running...

So what I want/need is either:
1. a way to switch Samplr projects and stay in sync with the MIDI clock; I think this would be the best solution for me ideally as I don't mind switching projects and it gives me the full Samplr capability all around.
2. a new sampler to just trigger samples (I can save my six Samplr slots for samples that are going to get sliced/played/manipulated and dedicate some trigger sampler with more slots and less features to just one offs) in addition to Samplr (anybody suggest one? iOS or OSX could be fine, I use both)
3. even just a way to resume Samplr and get it to sync to an already started MIDI clock would be fine; I don't need Samplr to be seamless (although if it could that would be a plus)

Other things:
Must have MIDI sync capability as MIDI is what holds the iPad in time with the modular/Silent Way
Must be Audiobus compatible (so much for iMPC!) as I have 5 or 6 apps routed through Audiobus for the performance already

Any suggestions?
Also a question. Can you change speed/pitch of loaded samples playback?
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