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FSS Spectral Devastator woes !
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Author FSS Spectral Devastator woes !
Hi All,

Relatively noob wiggler here, just finished filing my first 3u (HEK) with a FSS Spectral Devastator ! Only problem is it doesn't seem to be working properly...

Bought it from Rubadub last weekend via eBay. Tried it out but no matter what I do (tweaking the little pots on the rear) I can't get any sort of response out of the low pass cut off knob (also tried different switch configurations). I am at a loss as to what to do next. I am still not ruling out user error, so was hoping Finlay might chime in and help me out (i have emailed FSS direct at the beginning of the week, and PM'd him here but no response, guess he's busy/away or something ? Just want some advice really ...

Okay, I know I should just send it back to Rubadub. I just get the feeling they will just refund/credit me (as they're now showing out of stock) - but I would really love to keep hold of the unit if at all possible - if it's a simple fix or if I could get a replacement via Finlay that would be ace but at this point it's looking like that's not going to be an option.

Any advice gratefully received !

As suspected, Finlay has been away on business and just been in contact with me. He's given me some suggestions of things to try but then if still no good he'll be happy to take a look and repair/tweak my unit as necessary. Ace - now I don't need to return it to Rubadub and know it'll get sorted soon enough It's peanut butter jelly time! Thanks again Finlay !

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